Brewery Spotlight: Neshaminy Creek Brewing (Bucks County, PA)

Image Courtesy Neshaminy Creek Brewery
Image Courtesy Neshaminy Creek Brewery /

Craft beer is nothing new, having roots in the United States as early as 1829. The modern U.S. craft beer history begins in the 1960s with rising popularity in the 1990s and an explosion in popularity in the mid-2000s to early 2010s.

These days, every state can toot their own horn about their local breweries, but there’s still something special about living in Pennsylvania and seeking out craft beer. Just a decade ago, one of the most known independent brewers to PA residents was D. G. Yuengling & Son Inc. While they still may be the biggest craft brewer in the country, they are only 1 of over 7000 breweries in the U.S.

Neshaminy Creek Brewing is a brewery in Croydon, PA and the first production brewery in Bucks County. Founded in 2010 by Jeremy Myers, Rob Jahn, and Steve Capelli, they named the brewery after the nearby creek of the same name (and yes, they do use Neshaminy Creek water for their beer) and officially opened their Croydon facility doors in June of 2012.

About a month or so ago, before the COVID-19 crisis shut PA (and most of the country) down, I met a friend for a few beers. While I’ve been to the Croydon location before, this time around I really took in the atmosphere. It’s a colorful place, with similar artwork you’d see on their cans adorning the walls. The floor plan is open, with picnic-style benches for the main seating.

One of the most fascinating things is how family-friendly Neshaminy Creek Brewing is. They have arcade games along their back wall and plenty of people came out with their kids and/or dogs. With the different array of food trucks they have on different days, it’s a great place to spend a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (regardless if you’re there with family, friends, or both).

Walking around on my way out, I noticed how many events Neshaminy Creek Brewing holds. From trivia and movie nights to video game tournaments and wrestling events (yes, you read that correctly). I’ve even seen “Yoga and Beer” events listed in the past. Neshaminy Creek Brewing really does have it all!

neshaminy creek brewing
Image Courtesy Neshaminy Creek Brewery /

While I was there, I enjoyed three different beers that were all completely different.

County Line IPA

County Line IPA is my goto beer when I’m at Neshaminy Creek Brewery. It’s their flagship West Coast-style IPA. It does have a lingering hop bitterness to it, so it may not be for everyone. Though, usually after one County Line IPA, you don’t taste the bitterness anymore. County Line IPA is one of their 7 year-round brews.

Blueberry Gose

I’m not sure what called this out to me, but I’m glad I got this. It was the highlight drink of the day and might be in my top 5 favorite beers. It’s a German-style sour (though this was incredibly smooth in my opinion) brewed with coriander, sea salt, blueberry honey, and conditioned on fresh New Jersey blueberries. This one went down a little too quickly, even though I tried to savor it. This is a seasonal beer and I hope they bring it back.

After the Party

After the Party is a coffee Irish dry stout style beer. Despite my Irish heritage, I’m not particularly fond of these types of beers and, if I’m being honest, I ordered this beer based on name alone. What surprised me was how light and smooth this felt going down. All in all, it was actually my second favorite beer of the day! After the Party was a collaboration with the Scranton Punk band, The Menzingers; created to promote their fifth studio album (After the Party) in 2017.

In the last few years, Neshaminy Creek Brewing has become one of my favorite spots to have a few drinks. While my 20s were spent in various bars that were all basically the same—a room where I spent lots of money on various drinks that I played pool and darts, Neshaminy Creek Brewing is a unique, family-friendly, brewery that feels grownup.

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If you’re in the Bucks County area, I highly recommend checking out this brewery once they reopen. In the meantime, you can order delivery from them to enjoy some drinks while staying at home and, if you’re able to, you can order their COVID-19 Relief Fund T-shirt (All proceeds from this shirt will go towards their staff that has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis).

If you’re not in the Bucks County area (and you have the means), PLEASE support your local restaurants and breweries by ordering take out or delivery.