Flight by Yuengling, America’s oldest brewery launches the next generation of light beers

New Flight by Yuengling, the next generation of light beer, photo provided by Yuengling
New Flight by Yuengling, the next generation of light beer, photo provided by Yuengling /

Yuengling believes it is time to raise the bar on light beers. Flight by Yuengling is the next generation of light beer that you need to sip and savor.

As the weather warms, everyone is ready to take flight on a new adventure. Flight by Yuengling is a new light beer that seeks to bring that sense of adventure to every sip. With America’s oldest brewery’s expertise, this new light beer will have people discovering what a light beer can be. Are you ready to take flight?

For many people, Yuengling is the iconic beer that has stood the test of time. Now on its sixth generation of family brewers, the Yuengling sisters are looking to bring a modern edge to the iconic beer. While staying true to the brewery’s history, this new light beer proves that light beer should be flavorful.

Available starting in March, Flight by Yuengling wants to be known as an upscale light beer. While the beer fits into a traditional light beer category, I.e. “2.6 grams of carbs, 95 calories, and 4.2% ABV,” the flavor will set this beer apart. To say that it wants to raise the bar is too simple.

Where a traditional Yuengling has a rich amber color, the Flight has a light, golden hue. While the beer is light in color, the crisp, refreshing flavor makes it drink like a full-bodied beer. This beer proves that a light beer does not have to be light in flavor.

Jennifer Yuengling, Vice President of Operations and 6th generation family member, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. “Our family brewing business was built on providing consumers with a high-quality, great-tasting drinking experience for social occasions. We have spent more than a year perfecting FLIGHT by Yuengling, taking the taste of this light beer to new heights, and can’t wait for our fans and light beer drinkers to try it.”

Flight by Yuengling
New Flight by Yuengling, photo provided by Yuengling /

Over the past couple of years, the light beer market has exploded. To fit in with people’s active lifestyles, beer brands need to offer beers that are lower in carbs, lower in calorie. Consumers do not want to drink away all that hard work at the gym.

Still, some beer drinkers have shied away from those lighter beers because they are light on flavor. For some people, they do not want to sacrifice flavor for lower calories and carbs.

By offering a crisp, flavorful light beer, Yuengling is trying to separate itself from other beers in this category. Given the brand’s rich history, it knew that this light beer needed to be well conceived from the beer to the lifestyle branding around it.

As part of the beer’s lifestyle concept, Yuengling is integrating Flight into its Raise the Bar campaign. The idea is that “hard work, passion and pride” should drive people, just like the brewery’s rich history. The campaign will encourage everyone to be their best selves.

To help bring the Raise the Bar campaign to fans, Yuengling has the help of “brand ambassadors Rose Lavelle, American professional soccer star, and Lauren Alaina, award-winning country singer, songwriter and actress.” The two brand ambassadors will host various events to introduce Flight to beer drinkers.

As seen in the Raise the Bar campaign, beer drinkers are looking to connect with a beer brand as part of their overall lifestyle. People aren’t just drinking whatever is on tap. They want a beer that resonates with them.

Flight by Yuengling will be available in 12 ounce bottles starting in March. The new beer will be available throughout the brand’s 22-state footprint. A draught option will be available in select markets in the second half of 2020.

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Are you excited to try Flight by Yuengling? Do you think that this beer could be your new lifestyle beer?