Sheryl Yuengling and Top Chef Kelsey Barnard Clark toast to big game recipes

Yuengling might be America’s oldest brewery, but Sheryl Yuengling and Top Chef winner Kelsey Barnard Clark collaborated on big game recipes that are fresh.

If people think that the big game is just for the guys, they are sadly mistaken. Sheryl Yuengling and Top Chef Kelsey Barnard Clark are ready to pop open a cold Yuengling and whip up some tasty recipes with their favorite, America’s oldest brewery, beer.

As this year’s big game seems to be the celebrate  powerful women in pop culture and culinary world, this partnership of two creative, talented culinary forces deserves a toast. While these big game recipes are just the start of this winning partnership, it is a tasty start to the year.

While many people pour a glass of Yuengling with dinner, with friends or while watching the game, Sheryl Yuengling is using her knowledge to put the beer in the recipe. Of course, beer and food pairings are often discussed and debated, everyone can found common ground with using beer within a recipe.

Top Chef fans know Kelsey Barnard Clark as the winner of Top Chef 16. While her Southern charm might have disarmed her competitors, her flavors and precision execution impressed the judges. More importantly, her creativity found common ties across cultures.

The collaboration between Barnard Clark and Yuengling looks to be a fruitful partnership. The first set of recipes released for the upcoming big game are dishes that are easy to recreate create and are bursting with flavors. More importantly, they get home cooks thinking beyond those old school recipes that might have become bland and boring.



For the big game, there are a couple of recipes that will definitely be a hit at any football watching party. One recipe that will be a huge hit is the Beer Cheese Sliders.

Truthfully, beer cheese will make everything taste better. There is just something so satisfying about this dish. This version is rich, decadent and will make you wish for a big whole bowl full.

Sliders are always a tasty football food. They are small enough to eat easily, yet totally satisfying. Plus, they are a perfect beer pairing. Is there anything more classic about a slider and beer?

If you are looking for a bigger meal for a football watching party, or a brisk winter day meal, Barnard Clark’s Braised Chili recipe is a perfect choice. Combining beef and sausage in the chili, the meal is quite hearty. While this recipe recommends cooking for at least a hour, remember chili takes time to meld all the flavors. The longer it simmers, the better it tastes.

Lastly, some people prefer a lighter dish. Sheryl Yuengling has created a Shrimp with Chipotle Cocktail Sauce. The skewered shrimp are marinated in the classic lager. Served with a sauce, also featuring the lager, this dish has a bold punch of flavor that is bright and refreshing.

While this partnership was launch just in time for the Big Game, fans should expect more recipes throughout the year. It will be interesting to see what the pair cook up for Mother’s Day and summer barbecues.

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Which big game recipe are you excited to try? What dishes do you think are better with beer?

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