Cookie Madness: Rolo Cookies vs M&M Cookies


Cookie Madness: Rolo Cookies vs M & M Cookies

These two cookies  – Rolo Cookies and M&M Cookies – were randomly drawn but share one unique trait within their list of ingredients. They contain candy pieces. Is there anything better than mixing your favorite candy into a cookie dough? I didn’t think so either.

Rolo Cookies

This Rolo Cookie dough is vanilla based, meaning it doesn’t have cocoa powder in it, however there are versions of that recipe available. This recipe is easy to make and with the exception of the candy, the ingredients are commonly found in the pantry.

The dough is mixed and formed into flattened circles. The Rolo candy is placed in the center and then the dough is raised around it to form a ball. Gently roll the ball in your palms to make it more even looking and smooth out the edges.

A great recipe for vanilla Rolo Cookies is here for you and the family to make.

M & M Cookies

This cookie is a classic. M & M candies have been around for decades and are a great and colorful addition to the dough. For the holidays, you can pick the themed bags of candies and make the colors match. If you aren’t currently near a holiday on the calendar, a plain ol’ traditional bag will work.

M & Ms are a quick cookie dough to mix up. To make your cookies look more colorful at the end, make sure to save have extra candies not mixed in the dough. Once the dough is mixed up and dropped on the trays, go back and add the M & M pieces on the tops of the dough balls. Pick a mix of colors so that the end result is bright and happy looking.

M & M Cookies can be made easily in your own home by following this recipe.

There is still time to fill out a Cookie Madness cookie bracket here! Voting for this matchup and others is available on Twitter. Get your votes in to help your favorite cookie move on towards the finals.

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Do you have a favorite cookie? What are you baking this week?