Cookie Madness: Springerle Cookies vs Pizzelles

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Cookie Madness: Springerle Cookies vs Pizzelles Cookies

Springerle cookies, an old-fashioned delight loved by grandparents everywhere takes on Pizzelles cookies, the cookie that requires special equipment and batter to make.  These cookie matchups have all been randomly drawn, however, funny elements of things which they have in common keep happening by chance.

Both of these cookies have anise in them, which tastes like black licorice. So, if you aren’t a fan of the taste, then you might not like either of these. If you feel like experimenting, because what else do you have to do in week 4 of the stay at home order? Which cookie will end up winning the Twitter vote? You can make your favorite the winner by going and voting in each round!

Springerle Cookies

Springerle cookies were made every year by my grandma, because she said her mother-in-law always made them. They smelled delicious, but as a child, that’s where it ended for me. The anise flavoring is akin to black licorice, of which I am not a fan. But the older generation loves it – will they vote it on in Twitter?

A time honored Springerle cookie recipe can be found by following this link.


Pizzelles are beautiful cookies and not traditionally sweet like a normal cookie. They don’t use dough, but like a pancake batter mixture that is fried. There is a true Pizelle maker, just like a waffle has it own maker, and they have different patterns to make designs on the cookies. Once the cookie is fried up, it can be dusted with powdered sugar before serving.

Make sure you have the proper tools before you try the Pizzelle recipe here.

There are still open rounds for voting on Twitter. If you still need to see the winners and the losers in the bracket, go here.

If you’ve been following #cookiemadness, the first matchup for the next round has been decided. Gingerbread vs Coconut Pecan cookies. Snickerdoodles will face the winner of the Oatmeal Raisin/Coconut Macaroon contest.

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Which cookie gets your vote in this Cookie Madness match-up?