Cookie Madness: Cowboy Cookies vs Date Pinwheels

Godiva Chocolate Chip cookies made with Godiva Baking Chocolate, photo provided by Godiva
Godiva Chocolate Chip cookies made with Godiva Baking Chocolate, photo provided by Godiva /

Cookie Madness: Cowboy Cookies vs. Date Pinwheels

This meeting of the dough includes Cowboy Cookies and the traditional, holiday favorite Date Pinwheels. Both are cookies that were made every year by my grandmothers, so they can safely be considered traditional or old-fashioned recipes. Cowboy Cookies are chocolate chip, with the inclusion of oatmeal to give them a crunchy texture. Date Pinwheels are rolled up dough and filling made with dates, nuts, and sugars to give it the perfect blend of sweet and savory.

Cowboy Cookies

Cowboy Cookies are a great crispy snack for after school, to take as a potluck dessert to any function or even to munch on after work. Technically, since it includes oatmeal, you can consider it a healthy snack. You’re welcome!

Cowboy Cookies use basic ingredients from the pantry such as flour, sugar, chocolate chips and oatmeal. They can be baked as soon as the dough is made and you drop them on the tray.  Cookies do taste great warm, however, they are just as delicious when crunchy. To make your own batch, follow this link.

Date Pinwheels

When you are preparing to make a batch of Date Pinwheels, allow for plenty of extra time to chill the pieces of the recipe. First, you need to make the dough and chill it. While the dough is chilling, you can make the date filling mixture on the stove top. As the filling is cooling, roll the dough out in to a rectangular shape. Spread the date filling mixture over the dough completely and then roll into a log. The log needs to chill before it is sliced for baking. Freezing for a few minutes can also work in a pinch, as you are firming up the dough and mixture so it slices cleanly to put on the baking sheet.

A link to a great recipe for Date Pinwheels can be found here.

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