5 Easy ways to decorate Easter eggs with ingredients from the pantry

Photo credit should read DANIEL KARMANN/DPA/AFP via Getty Images
Photo credit should read DANIEL KARMANN/DPA/AFP via Getty Images /

Just because Easter looks different this year doesn’t mean that families can keep traditions. There are easy ways to decorate Easter eggs with pantry ingredients.

Looking for easy ways to decorate Easter eggs? Since Easter looks quite different this year, the typical egg decorating kits might not be sitting on the family table. Still, there are plenty of ways to let the whole family be creative with those incredible eggs. Luckily the pantry is stocked with all types of decorating options.

Decorating Easter eggs is a holiday tradition for many people. While kits often make the process convenient, those items are not the only way to decorate Easter eggs. With a few items from the pantry, those white eggs can become a pretty rainbow.

All types of food can dye an Easter egg. Think about cooking for a moment. Do your hands turn red after peeling a beet? What about adding turmeric to a dish; doesn’t it turn golden yellow?

The same premise applies to dying Easter eggs. Simply combine ingredients in a pot and simmer with water. Depending on how long you let it sit will determine the color strength. For anyone doing distance learning, this activity could be both art and science class.


Truthfully, there is really no wrong way to this method of egg decorating. The idea is to have a little fun and maybe learn something in the process.

Also, these easy ways to decorate Easter eggs help to use up items that are in the house. Whether you use left over coffee, onion skins or apple peels, these ideas even help to prevent food waste. Given the current situation, preventing food waste and keeping a holiday tradition seems like a win-win.

Lastly, if you do not want to play with your food, Easter eggs can be decorated with some food coloring (if you have that in the house). Just do not use regular markers. Those items are not meant for food.

The biggest item to remember is to have fun. It doesn’t matter if the Easter eggs are perfection or a little wonky, it is the time spent together doing the task. Those memories far outlast the decorated eggs.

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Do you have easy ways to decorate Easter eggs? What Easter traditions are you doing this year?