Study hard and Burger King will give you a free Whopper

Students get a free WHOPPER at Burger King. Photo provided by Burger King
Students get a free WHOPPER at Burger King. Photo provided by Burger King /

Burger King understands that distance learning can be hard. For students who can solve the question, they can get a free Whopper.

What motivates you to study hard? Burger King is hoping that a free Whopper can encourage students to keep their noses in those schoolbooks. It is time to put all that knowledge to the test and get some free food in return.

From elementary school to college, students are adapting to online learning. While their teachers might not be standing in front of them, those hard working teachers are guiding them through many important lessons. Whether it be math, science, history or English, all those subjects are still part of this adapted school year.

Even though everyone is learning, it can be hard to stay motivated. There is something to be said about that classroom environment. Now, students might need a boost to help them study harder.

From April 13 through April 20, students can unlock the opportunity to have a free Whopper. Ordered via the BK app, students can get this free food, but there is a catch. You have to solve the question.

Check out this video.

As you can see from the video, students just have to answer a question to get the promo code. The subjects vary. From math to science to literature, hopefully everyone will be able to answer at least one.

Now, there are many photo math apps that can help with the answer. Just like school, everyone is held to the honor code. Do not cheat. Use your knowledge and get a free Whopper. Even if you don’t immediately know the answer, study to figure it out.

The questions will be available on Burger King’s social media channels. There will be a different problem every day.

The free Whopper offer is available one per student and must be redeemed via the app. Also, an additional purchase does apply.

What are you waiting for? Put that knowledge to work and earn a free Whopper. Who said that you will never use algebra again?

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What was your least favorite subject in school? Would free food help your study motivation?