Wendy’s brings back the Frosty Cookie Sundae

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Need an excuse to grab Wendy’s. The Frosty Cookie Sundae is back and that tasty treat isn’t the only reason to place an order.

Sometimes satisfying a craving just makes you feel better. Wendy’s has brought back the Frosty Cookie Sundae. If you just cannot resist that combination of a Frosty, cookies and chocolate, it could be time to head to the drive-thru or place an order for delivery. And, Wendy’s has another offer waiting for you, too.

Previously, Wendy’s offered the Frosty Cookie Sundae. This limited edition sweet treat might be the spoonful of comfort that people are craving. Priced at just $1.99 why not add a couple to your dinner order.

This special treat combines Chocolate Chunk cookie pieces with either a vanilla or a chocolate Frosty. Then, it is topped with Ghiradelli Chocolate Sauce. Whether you find the perfect combined bite or eat a piece at a time, the only downside is that the portion isn’t unlimited.

Right now, many people are happy to indulge in a special treat. It can be that cookie or a bowl of ice cream. Since dairy is a mood booster, those sweet treats just seem to make people feel a little better.

While the return of this limited-edition treat gets people excited, there is an even bigger offer from Wendy’s. For anyone ordering through the Wendy’s app, he can get a Free Dave’s Single with any purchase. Whether you enjoy the Dave’s single yourself or share the extra burger with a friend, free food is always a great idea.

Many brands are looking for ways to give back to its guests. From special food offers to ease of delivery and drive thru, everyone is doing their part during these difficult times. Sometimes enjoying that classic Wendy’s treat can be the bite of normal that everyone needs.

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Are you going to order the Frosty Cookie Sundae? What is your favorite Wendy’s menu item?