Have you stocked your fridge with this mood boosting food?


Have you ever wondered why some foods just make you feel better? Why not stock the fridge with mood boosting food that could fill more than just your stomach.

A mood boosting food could already be in your refrigerator. Food and cooking offer more than just satisfying hunger. Sometimes the foods that people choose to eat can and do matter. While many people have touted eating the rainbow for nutritional benefits, another food could help boost moods. Are you eating those foods?

Recently, Real California Milk shared the benefits of eating dairy. During a recent event, Real California Milk showcased the mood enhancing benefits of milk, cheese, butter and the myriad of other dairy products.

Growing up, many people heard the benefits of milk making your bones stronger. Whether served as with a meal, paired with cereal or drank after a hard work-out, sometimes that dairy can give a boost to the day. It may not be instantaneous, but there is a difference.

Think about a gathering with friends. How often do you serve a cheese plate? Maybe that spirited conversation and fun has a little to do with that cheese. From the perfectly curated cheese to its pairings, there is something that brings a little happy. It doesn’t have to be obvious, but it is there.

What about the bowl of ice cream when you feel overwhelmed or a little down? Even though that ice cream cannot change the world, it seems to lighten the mood some. In a way, it is the little things that can make life seem not as overwhelming.

Since a balanced diet is always a good choice, why not add a few more dairy foods to the refrigerator. Maybe, it is a favorite yogurt mixed with some granola for breakfast. What about fixing a cheese plate for an afternoon snack? Or, it could be finding a favorite recipe that could get a dairy boost.

Small, simple changes are easy. By adding a mood boosting food to any daily diet might just be the little bit of happy that can make a difference in the day. Sometimes just a little burst of an upbeat feeling could make a big difference.

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What foods do you eat when you need a mood boost? Do you believe that certain foods can make you feel better?