Cookie Madness: Monster Cookies vs Sugar Cookies


Cookie Madness: Monster Cookies vs. Sugar Cookies

This Cookie Madness matchup is between two of the most popular cookies in my house, Monster Cookies and Sugar Cookies. Monster Cookies are full of delicious candy pieces and goodness, while Sugar Cookies are soft and icing covered goodness. Which of these two do you want to more forward in the Twitter poll?

Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies are popular in our house because they don’t have flour, which means the wheat allergy person in my home can eat them as well. The cookies contain peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips and even colored coated candy pieces. Yum-o.

The cookies require some special ingredients if you don’t regularly carry candy in your pantry. Otherwise, the recipe calls for just basics and is quick and easy to mix together. This recipe makes a large batch, so be careful if you double it – you may get tired of pulling baking sheets out of the oven!

Here is a delicious version of a Monster Cookie recipe which doesn’t use flour.

Sugar Cookies

There are Sugar cookies and there are rollout Sugar Cookies, which use cookie cutters and royal icing to decorate. We’ll cover those later on in articles, but this matchup is for Sugar Cookies, which are rolled in to balls and coated before cooking. These cookies could be frosted or not, but since they’re circles, they won’t have custom details on them.

The recipe uses basic ingredients and produces a soft-centered cookie which is delicious! Perfect for packed lunches, after-school snacks or at home after a meal. They store very well in the freezer if you want to make a large batch to keep on hand and pull out only when you need some.

There are many recipes for Sugar Cookies which claim to be the best, so you’ll have to try for yourself if it is good or the best.

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What are your favorite cookies to bake at home? Are you finding yourself in the kitchen more often?