A new flavor drop, Juicy Drop adds Strawberry Kiwi flavor

Juicy Drop Gummies Strawberry Kiwi. Photo provided by Juicy Drop
Juicy Drop Gummies Strawberry Kiwi. Photo provided by Juicy Drop /

Some flavor combinations are perfect. The new Juicy Drop Strawberry Kiwi flavor is the sweet, sour and fruity taste that adds a boost to the day.

New candy flavors often follow flavor trends. The new Juicy Drop Strawberry Kiwi flavor brings together two popular fruits in its version of a sweet and sour candy. Whether you want bold or subtle, this new candy option is another flavor adventure.

While sour candy has been a huge candy trend, candy fans are looking for more than just a big mouthful of pucker. Although bold flavors have their appeal, consumers want to customize their flavor experience. One day, the craving is extreme and the next day it is slight.

The Juicy Drop line of candies allow consumers to control their flavor experience. Just like those choose your own adventure books, eating this candy is a different experience for everyone. One person might want a lot of sour gel and another person would like to slowly savor the sour to sweet experience.

For many people, the Juicy Drop line gives them permission to play with their food. Candy has a fun aspect to it. By making it an interactive experience, the candy becomes even more enjoyable.

Currently, there are four flavors available in the line, Wild Cherry Berry, Knock-Out Punch, Blue Rebel, and Watermelon Blast. While these flavors tend to be more classic flavor options, there is also add a little fun to the candy eating experience.

Juicy Drop Strawberry Kiw
Juicy Drop Pop Strawberry Kiwi. Photo provided by Juicy Drop /

The new flavor, Strawberry Kiwi, adds another level of excitement to this candy line. The combination of strawberry and kiwi has become quite popular. The sweetness of the strawberry is complemented by the brightness of the citrus kiwi. Given the type of candy, this new flavor fits in perfectly.

Thinking about the two candy options in the Juicy Drop line, Juicy Drop Pop and Juicy Drop Gummies, the gummies might be the best option for the new Juicy Drop Strawberry Kiwi. The gummy texture just seems more relatable to the strawberry kiwi flavor combination. Wouldn’t it be fun if the gummy shape matched the flavor? Maybe that idea will be the next candy innovation.

The new Juicy Drop Strawberry Kiwi flavor will be hitting store shelves soon and joins other Bazooka Candy brands like Ring Pop, Push Pop and Baby Bottle Pop. On a hot summer day, it could be the refreshing treat that everyone will crave.

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What is your favorite candy flavor combination? What flavor should Juicy Drop add next?