Uber Eats evolves, who are you going to call?


With food delivery becoming the new norm, Uber Eats evolves its service. Instead of only pushing a button, now you can place a call.

Do you remember that classic line, who are you going to call? Uber Eats is ready to answer. While the app version of the food delivery program is on many people’s smartphones, it may not be the right solution for every user. Now, there is another way to place that food delivery order.

Given the current crisis, the impact is far reaching. Even though many people are more comfortable with technology, not everyone is adept. Some people would prefer to make an old school phone call.

Similar to Uber’s expansion earlier this year, the phone ordering option is valuable to some users. While this option applies to anyone, the phone option is important for older users. Since older adults are recommended to stay home, this phone food delivery option gives them more options.

By using 1-833-USE-UBER, a live team member will help to place that food order request. The same Uber Eats technology is used via the call-in system. Users will need to have a SMS or text-based mobile phone to verify the account for the first order.

The service begins in Miami and New York City. Expansion will include Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City suburbs and areas of New Jersey.

The call-in option might have been designed with older adults in mind, but it has a broader application, too. Some people may not have smart phones. While pushing a button might be convenient for some, it is not an option for everyone. Giving people a choice is always a smart decision.

As people continue to stay in, it will be interesting to see if people use the call-in option to just hear another person’s voice. While it is not designed for that scenario, it will be interesting to see if there is an increase in use just because people want to hear a voice on the phone.

Could Uber Eats be the version of phone a friend? It is now a way that more people can get food delivery at home.

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