What are the most-ordered foods for Uber Eats?


Fries are the hot topic right now when it comes to food delivery, according to Uber Eats’ latest data.

Fries are at the top of the list of Uber Eats‘ most-ordered items for March, though a variety of cheese-related items also scored highly in the company’s latest data.

With restaurants forced to go to curbside delivery because of the coronavirus, it makes sense that in some ways diners would want something routine and comforting – because potatoes in any form are comfort food.

Ordinary French fries took the overall top spot in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, South Carolina and Washington, while Colorado went with carne asada fries, Indiana waffle fries, and Ohio something called “Notso fries.”

Also ranking within the top 20 were their frequent companions wings (No. 6), mozzarella sticks (No. 8) and onion rings (No. 16).

Soda, unsurprisingly, took the top spot in the beverage category, with the more specific Coke, Snapple and Pepsi also making the top 10.

The top desserts mostly brought in an international appeal, as tiramisu was No. 1, followed by baklava and cheesecake, with banana pudding and churros rounding out the top five. But the traditional apple pie and chocolate cake also made the list at No. 7 and No. 9, respectively.

Asian foods also scored very highly as a group, as pad Thai and miso soup both made the top five, with edamame at No. 7, sushi in the form of California rolls at No. 9 and crab Rangoon at No. 17.

Pad Thai was the most-ordered item in Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas, while crab Rangoon took the top spot in Missouri and Wisconsin, while Oklahoma’s most-ordered item was sushi (spicy tuna roll).

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