Craving Disney Churros, make magic at home with this Disney recipe

Disney Parks Mini Churros, photo provided by Disney Parks.
Disney Parks Mini Churros, photo provided by Disney Parks. /

If you are craving Disney churros, don’t fret. Now everyone can make magic at home with some help from the Disney kitchens and this Disney recipe.

Disney Churros are one of the best Disney Parks treats. While there is nothing better than enjoying fresh churro while walking down Main Street, Disney chefs are sharing a way to make the magic at home. Are you ready to whip up this Disney recipe with the family?

A trip to the Disney Parks is always filled with tasty foods. From decadent treats to healthier plant based dishes, there is always a food that tempts at every turn. Even during the various food festivals, food is as memorable as the Disney character meet and greets.

Over the years, Disney churros have become a must have. While the classic churro is always tasty, Disney chefs have transformed that treat. From themed churros for special events to bold flavors, that fried pastry has limitless possibilities.

When a visit to Disney Parks isn’t an option, many people try to create that magic at home. Recently, Disney Parks has shared ways for everyone to bring a little Pixie Dust to their own homes.

Given that many people are baking for comfort, the Disney Parks Blog shared a Disney recipe that everyone will want to try. This recipe for mini churros could become a favorite in any household.

The Disney recipe on the Disney Parks Blog is relatively simple to follow. Even if you have never made churros before, the sweet treat is easy to make.

If you are looking to make this recipe at home, there are a few ideas for the novice baker to make the experience easier. Really, anyone can and should make this Disney recipe.

Since a churro is basically a dough, remember to slowly add the eggs. The dough needs to be slightly cool before adding the eggs. No one wants scrambled eggs in a dough.

Also, this recipe recommends cooking the churros in a sautee pan. If you happen to have a Dutch Oven at home (like Le Creuset one), use it to cook the churros. The large space helps to give the churros room to cook. Too crowded of a pan can drop the oil’s temperature, which can make the churros absorb too much oil while cooking.

Lastly, if you do not have a pastry bag at home, don’t worry. A Ziploc bag can work, too. Add the dough to the bag and cut off the tip. You can even add a star tip inside the bag, too. And, if you don’t have the star tip, that’s ok too.

While the classic churros use cinnamon and sugar, remember you can change the flavors (just like the Disney Parks have). Add a little nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice. Or, add some lemon to the sugar for a spring flavor. The options are many.

Next time you are missing Disney churros and the Disney Parks, remember you can make Disney magic at home. Everyone has a little Pixie Dust. They just need to remember where they put it.

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What is one of your favorite Disney Parks foods? How do you make a little Disney magic at home?