Star Wars x Le Creuset collection cooking takes a new adventure


Cooking might not be a galaxy far away, but Star Wars x Le Creuset collection will have Star Wars fans seeking a flavor journey in the kitchen.

Le Creuset has been a kitchen essential for foodies. The new Star Wars x Le Creuset collection expands the brand’s reach beyond the vibrant, collectible colors that fill a kitchen. Now there is no excuse for everyone to have at least one classic Dutch oven in their kitchen.

A Dutch oven is and will continue to be a kitchen essential. Going back to 1925, Le Creuset has pushed the kitchen essentials conversation forward. The brand’s brilliant colors set it apart within the housewares industry.

Over the years, the brand has expanded beyond its color story. Previously, the brand launched a Mickey Mouse inspired series. From the mouse ear shaped ramekins to the Mickey designs on the classic Dutch oven, the connection between pop culture and cooking took hold.

Announced today, the Star Wars x Le Creuset collection is a huge undertaking for the housewares brand. Starting November 1, Le Creuset Signature Boutiques, Outlet Stores (at full price) and Williams Sonoma will offer the nine items available in this line.

One item of the nine pieces will become the most exclusive, coveted piece. With only nine available in the world, the Star Wars Tatooine Round Dutch Oven will be the ultimate Star Wars fan find. Available via advance purchase sign-up at, this Dutch oven comes at the staggering price of $900.

Granted, a quality piece of kitchen housewares is an investment, this price tag is a little high. In some ways, this piece will become the ultimate collectible for a Star Wars fan. It would be interesting to know if the owners will use the Dutch oven for cooking.

Still, the brand describes the piece as “Inspired by the desert planet that Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker both called home, this round Dutch oven is as unique as Tatooine’s iconic, binary sunset. Complete with a Signature Gold Knob and featuring the pinks and blues of a fading Tatooine sky, this special-edition pot perfectly captures the warmly lit world in the galaxy’s Outer Rim.”

It is a gorgeous housewares item. Maybe in some ways, the brand will use this technique in future product launches.

Han Solo™ Carbonite Signature Roaster, part of the Star Wars x Le Creuset collection, photo provided by Le Creuset

For those fans or foodies who might not be able to purchase the very limited Star Wars Tatooine Round Dutch Oven, the other Star Wars x Le Creuset collection items are similar in price to traditional items from the brand. The Han Solo™ Carbonite Signature Roaster will definitely have many people adding this item to the holiday table.

Looking at the various items, the Mini Cocottes will quickly become quite popular. Priced at just $30 a piece, these stoneware items can make a picture perfect tablescape. Available in R2-D2, C-3PO, and BB-8, the mix and match possibilities are many. From serving side-dishes to desserts, these Mini Cocottes are definitely a must have.

Probably the most talked about item will be the Porg Pie Bird. While many people will be drawn to this housewares item for the Porg theme, it could make your next dessert taste even better.

A Pie Bird sits in the middle of a pie while baking. The hollow bird vents steam as the pie cooks. This kitchen tool helps avoid spillage but more importantly it helps to prevent a soggy bottom (or soggy pie crust). Anyone who watches a baking show knows that a soggy bottom/soggy pie crust does not make for a tasty pie.

Porg™ Pie Bird, part of Star Wars x Le Creuset collection, photo provided by Le Creuset

Now, some people might buy the Porg Pie Bird because it is cute. Just remember, this kitchen tool can help with those holiday pies.

The complete list of items available in the Star Wars x Le Creuset collection can be found on the brand’s website. The prices range from $900 to $20 (the Millennium Falcon Trivet). Pieces will be available starting November 1, 2019.

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Are you excited for the Star Wars x Le Creuset collection? Which item or items will you be purchasing?