Mickey desserts: Sweet treats to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday


What’s your favorite Mickey desserts? With Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday celebration here, these sweet treats are the perfect way to celebrate the true original.

Mickey desserts aren’t just theme park treats. While Disney Parks have numerous confectionary dreams that tempt your sweet tooth, everyone can celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday with a dessert or two. Of course, a little imagination comes into play when it comes to these sweet treats. While they may not be the exact literal interpretation of the iconic mouse, everyone can see a little Mickey magic inside.

When it comes to making Mickey inspired desserts, Mickey ears always make an impression. To create some Mickey ears, there are many options. Chocolate discs work well. Basically, the idea is to combine a half circle with two more circles. Many foods can create that shape.

Recently, Dole created numerous Mickey Mouse inspired recipes for this momentous birthday. From fun cupcakes to cakes, there is a dessert that is delicious for the special celebration. More importantly, many desserts can incorporate fruit into the dessert.

Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday with a Mickey inspired meal, photo provided by Dole

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Dole, through its Powering the Hero Within campaign, created numerous recipes especially for Mickey’s 90th birthday. These recipes are both tasty and healthy. While Mickey cupcakes are always a popular choice, I would recommend a pineapple upside down cake.

While not a traditional, Mickey looking dessert it does an interesting tie to Mickey and Disney. The Dole Whip has been a favorite Walt Disney Parks dessert for years. While it may not be possible to get one of these treats at the parks, a dessert with a similar flavor can be made at home, a pineapple upside down cake.

Plus, if you are a little creative, the pineapples on the Dole pineapple upside down cake can become Mickey ears. A few strategic cuts can make a whole cake that is Mickey inspired. What better way to celebrate Mickey’s birthday.

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Will you be serving some Mickey desserts for Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday? What’s your favorite Mickey themed dessert?