Sweet potatoes: Fall’s superfood makes for a great snack


Snacking is part of food culture. Sweet potatoes are a favorite fall superfood. Combining sweet potatoes into a snack is a win for everyone.

Once the fall weather hits, root vegetables become plentiful. The holiday feasts often feature many of these hearty, filling root vegetables. Sweet potatoes, a root vegetable, is considered a superfood. With important vitamins and minerals, the sweet potato is showing up in more and more food choices. Now, the snack aisle has embraced the sweet potato.

As a superfood, sweet potatoes are filled with Vitamins A, C, potassium and calcium. The tuberous vegetable is filled with fiber. Most importantly, it tastes great. Whether served baked, mashed or as a chip, the sweet potato is more popular than ever. More and more foods are incorporating the sweet potato.

While classic sweet potato chips have been around for a while, other snack companies have embraced the fall superfood. A tasty example from the snack aisle is SunChips Sweet Potato. SunChips are popular with snacking fans. The wavy chip with its big crunch make it a favorite on its own, with dip and even as a sandwich topping (don’t knock it till you try it).

Sweet potatoes: Fall’s superfood makes for a great snack, photo by Cristine Struble

Just for the fall, SunChips rolled out the new SunChips Sweet Potato. Made with real sweet potato, the new chip has great sweet potato flavor without losing the classic SunChips crunch. Each chip has 100% whole grains and no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is snacking that doesn’t make you feel guilty.

Adding the sweet potato flavor is a great choice for SunChips. While everyone is craving these fall flavors, the chip makes perfect sense. Extending the fall superfood flavor to snack time is a natural extension. The only downside to enjoying these new SunChips Sweet Potato is that the snacks are available only for a limited time. Maybe, if everyone shows their sweet potato love, SunChips will make these limited snacks a permanent one.

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Give in to snack cravings and favorite fall flavors this season. Sweet potatoes, fall’s superfood, can be found in the snack aisle. Just don’t wait till Spring to find them.