What is the worst day of the week for food shopping?


Even with more and more shopping options, food shopping can be a cumbersome experience. But, is one day worst for food shopping?

Millennials have had a huge impact on food shopping. From wanting more convenience to expecting better food choices, the food industry is constantly adapting and changing. Mobile ordering, convenient pick-up and other services affect where and how consumers shop.

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Recently, Ibotta analyzed millions of purchases through its app. Millennials continue to drive online shopping trends. These shoppers want rewards when they shop. From additional discounts to reward points, consumers want more when they buy.

Looking at specific data, Ibotta found the following food shopping trends.

"• Avocados – 25 percent cheaper on Wednesday vs. Sunday, the worst day to buy.• Coffee – Eight percent cheaper on Wednesday vs. Sunday, the worst day to buy.• Craft Beer – 14 percent cheaper on Thursday vs. Sunday, the worst day to buy.• Hot Sauce – 11 percent cheaper on Friday/Saturday vs. Sunday, the worst day to buy.• Kombucha – 16 percent cheaper on Wednesday vs. Tuesday, the worst day to buy.• Quinoa – 15 percent cheaper on Thursday vs. Monday, the worst day to buy.• Rosé – Nine percent cheaper on Wednesday vs. Tuesday, the worst day to buy."

Looking at this data, the food shopping has changed over the years. Kombucha and quinoa wouldn’t be on a shopping list a few years ago. The same can be said of rose. Millennials are driving new foods, flavors and cuisines. These trends affect what we eat, how we eat and when we buy food.

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Unfortunately, one of the worst days to do food shopping is Sunday. With people having such busy lives, the weekend is often a popular day to food shop. Based on these findings, popular items for weekend parties, sports watching and preparation for the upcoming work week can cost more. Is the reason supply and demand or something else?

Many people prefer to shop on the weekend, particularly a Sunday because it is convenient. Stopping after work can be a tiresome experience. Besides the stop adding to a long day, shopping while hungry is never a good idea. A Sunday morning trip to the grocery store can help people stock up for the big game and the week ahead. Maybe grocery stores are taking advantage of those shopping surge.

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What can consumers do to save more? Consumers should be aware of the food shopping trends. Online shopping or grocery store delivery services might be a good idea. Shopping online on the best shopping days could save a few dollars here and there.

No one is suggesting that you spend every day at the store. Who has the time for that scenario? But, knowing the best times can make anyone a better informed consumer.