Grown up grilled cheese recipes, reinventing a childhood favorite sandwich

Cheese Doubledown. Image provided by Cheeses of Europe
Cheese Doubledown. Image provided by Cheeses of Europe /

A grilled cheese is a childhood favorite sandwich but these grown up grilled cheese recipes will have everyone craving a cheesy, delicious bite.

Grown up grilled cheese recipes can have everyone rediscovering that childhood favorite sandwich, The simple combination of bread and cheese has had been a favorite sandwich. Whether served alone, paired with soup or elevated, the grilled cheese will always be a great choice.

While there are tricks to making the best grilled cheese, grown up grilled cheese recipes show that this classic sandwich can be more than just bread and cheese. From combining cheeses to adding layers of flavors, one bite will leave you wanting more.

Recently, Cheeses of Europe shared some of their favorite grown up grilled cheese recipes. From combining cheeses to adding fruit, there will be one recipe that might make you rethink that childhood favorite sandwich.

Two-Cheese Double-Down Grilled Cheese

Just like on a cheese plate, apples and cheese are a delightful pairing. This recipe combines Raclette and Mimolette with prosciutto and apples. One bite is a perfect combination of luscious cheese, rich prosciutto and crisp apple. It will forever change how you think of a ham and cheese sandwich.

Triple Crème de la Crème Grilled Cheese

The combination of a gooey cheese, strawberries and fresh basil offers layers of flavors. One moment is sweet and the next is rich. With a touch of balsamic drizzle on the brioche, it will make you think of perfect spring bite.

grilled cheese recipes
The Money, image provided by Cheeses of Europe /

The Money Grilled Cheese with Fourme d’Ambert

Combining bacon and cheese is always a winner. This recipe gets a little twist from the fig jam. If you have never had this flavor combination, it is a must try. Plus, the sourdough is a nice bread choice.

Country King Grilled Cheese with Brie

In a way, this recipe is the most traditional. With country bread and ham, this grilled cheese could even be a breakfast sandwich. When the brie melts, the cheese is quite luscious. It is the delicious bite. You might want a second sandwich.

grilled cheese recipes
French Onion. Image provided by Cheeses of Europe /

French Onion Grilled Cheese with Comté

One of the best parts of a French Onion soup is the melted cheese on top. This grilled cheese sandwich brings the flavors of that French Onion soup to a sandwich. Combining onions, mushrooms and cheese on bread will be the comforting bite that always satisfies.

These grown up grilled cheese recipes might be the perfect way to rediscover the classic childhood sandwich. Isn’t it time to enjoy another bite of this classic comfort food?

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