The best grilled cheese starts with this simple trick

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(Photo by Dylan Rives/Getty Images for SOBEWFF®) /

Do you know the secret to the best grilled cheese? With one simple trick, that classic comfort food can be the best bite ever.

Sometimes a bite of comfort food is just so satisfying. But, do you know the secret to the best grilled cheese? While that kids’ grilled cheese is often relatively simple, a grown-up version of that classic comfort food can mimic that version from your favorite restaurant. Are you craving a grilled cheese yet?

When it comes to a delicious grilled cheese, everyone has a cheese preference. From a sharp cheddar to a luscious brie, there are a variety of cheeses that are perfection in this type of sandwich.

If you prefer a hard or semi-hard cheese, it is best to grate that cheese before you put it between the bread. By grating the cheese, it ensures that the cheese evenly melts in the grilled cheese sandwich.

Also, combining cheeses can be a great idea. Balancing different cheese that have flavors that work well with each other can be delightful. Try experimenting with different options that are in the refrigerator. Everyone will have preferred cheese pairings.

Of course, a great bread is required. From a scrumptious French Country bread to a hearty multi-grain, the options are many. Also, remember to have a thick piece of bread. It is recommended that ½ inch thick piece of bread works well. It is all about the cheese to bread ratio.

Still, the biggest factor in making the best grilled cheese comes down to one factor, butter. Really good butter makes for a delicious grilled cheese.

Although some people believe that mayonnaise creates a good crisp, golden brown bread, high quality, high fat butter is better. The butter will add both flavor and texture to the bread. Remember a high fat butter does make a difference.

Lastly, it be best to butter the bread, not the pan. With a high fat butter, it easily browns with heat. Everyone wants brown bread, not brown butter in the pan. Slather the bread liberally with butter and you will be happy with the results.

These recommendations are our suggestion to make the best grilled cheese. Everyone is welcome to their opinions. More importantly, the fun part is all the taste testing.

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Do you have a favorite grilled cheese recipe? And, what is your favorite cheese to use in a grilled cheese sandwich?