5 best butters to serve with lobster tails


Lobster, the decadent crustacean that people crave, can be served many ways, but butter is always a classic choice. These five best butters to serve with lobster tails will leave you licking your lips after every bite.

Lobster season hits its high point during the late summer early fall. Specifically, Maine lobster are at their peak flavor just in time for National Lobster Day on September 25. While chefs are always creating new and invigorating lobster dishes, lobster tails with butter are, and will always be a classic. Still, what are the best butters to serve with lobster tails?

The first thing to consider when serving butter with lobster the type of butter. Not all butter is the same. Granted, anyone can grab a brand from the local grocery store, but some butters taste better than others. If you’re spending a decent amount of money on lobster tails, don’t skimp on the butter. Some personal favorite butters are Kerrygold Irish butter and President butter.

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With a good butter ready to be transformed, how should you serve the butter with the lobster? Here are five of the best butters to serve.

Clarified butter

The classic type of butter to serve with lobster is clarified butter. Also, known as drawn butter, clarified butter is plain butter that has been melted slowly over low heat. The milk solids are removed. When a foamy layer develops on the top of the melted butter, that layer is removed. The clear, liquid golden butter fat remains.

Clarified butter is the typical butter served with lobster. The pure butter fat is a delightful balance to sweet lobster. Dip, dunk or pour the buttery goodness over the lobster. Any way it is eaten is delightful.

Shallot and tarragon butter

Building on the clarified butter, a complimenting flavor can highlight the lobster. Shallots and tarragon are a perfect balance to the sweet lobster. Tarragon is often used in French cooking. It has an anise flavor.

Shallots have a very mild onion flavor. More garlic forward, the shallot adds delicate flavor without overpowering the tarragon. The compound butter has depth. The lobster’s sweetness is noted but not hidden. The balance of flavors is intriguing, captivating and delicious.

Asian butter

A first glance, Asian flavors might not seem like a strong choice to pair with lobster. When used in moderation, the combination is quite good. Common Asian ingredients, like fish sauce, ginger or soy sauce can add umami to the compound butter.

Finding the right combination for your preferences is key. Also, the flavor profile needs to be balanced. But, this Asian flavor twist could give you a new appreciation for different flavors.

Thermidor butter

Lobster thermidor is a classic lobster dish. The luscious, but heavy, sauce is always a crowd pleaser. But, a thermidor butter offers the classic flavors in a lighter version.

Termidor butter uses white wine, Dijon mustard, lemon, and Parmesan. The classic flavor is infused into the butter, but the heavy cream is left out. Dip a chunk of lobster tail or drizzle onto of the tail. Either option is a perfect pairing to the sweet lobster.

Spicy butter

Similar to Asian butter, spicy butter is about bold flavor that doesn’t overpower the delicate lobster. Heat levels are personal. From extreme heat to a slight kick, everyone can personalize their options.

One personal favorite is TongueSpank. This spice company has some amazing heat infused flavor combinations. Add a pinch or a bunch to clarified butter for a huge flavor explosion.

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While lobster tails are delicious on their own, these butters can make lobster even better. Do you have a best butter recipe to share? Send us your ideas and tag #FoodSided.