Dalgona Coffee cocktail is the perfect reason to make whipped coffee

Jameson cold brew Dalgona Coffee. Photo provided by Jameson
Jameson cold brew Dalgona Coffee. Photo provided by Jameson /

As whipped coffee takes over kitchens, a Dalgona Coffee cocktail is the perfect reason to whip up another coffee and take a sip.

Are you making whipped coffee? While that sweet sip is tasty, a Dalgona Coffee cocktail could have you whipping up another coffee drink. Even though your arm might be tired from all the whipping, this coffee cocktail is worth the effort.

Although people might have skipped their daily coffee run, coffee fans are always ready for their caffeine boost. Whether it is the first beverage of the day or an evening indulgence, coffee is always a good choice.

With many people discovering whipped coffee, that coffee drink has become the newest coffee trend. Although the beverage’s visual is impressive, the flavor is satisfying. It is sweet yet coffee strong. Maybe it is even more satisfying because of all the whipping that is required.

Since whipped coffee is a little sweeter, it can make an amazing cocktail. The Dalgona Coffee cocktail substitutes some of the milk (or just adds) liquor to the beverage. Although everyone has a favorite liquor, why not use a coffee flavored liquor to enhance the coffee flavor.

Earlier this year, Jameson Irish Whiskey launched its Jameson Cold Brew. The Irish Whiskey blended cold brew coffee flavor into it. From an Irish Coffee to a Coffee Martini, the flavored Irish Whiskey has become a huge hit.

In honor of National Cold Brew Day, Jameson Irish Whiskey created its version of whipped coffee. This Dalgona Coffee Cocktail is a great choice to enjoy another whipped coffee or to try this coffee trend for the first time.

Here’s how to make Jameson Cold Brew Dalgona Coffee.

"Jameson Cold Brew Dalgona CoffeeIngredients1 part Jameson® Cold Brew2 parts instant coffee2 parts granulated sugar2 parts hot water3 parts milk of choice1 part cinnamonHow to MakeIn mixing bowl add instant coffee, sugar and hot waterWhisk until light and fluffyIn a glass, fill 3/4 of the way with 3 parts milk of choice and 1 part Jameson Cold BrewAdd coffee fluff to top and garnish with cinnamon"

A couple of items to remember. Hot water is important. It helps to dissolve the instant coffee crystals.

Also, after you placed the whipped coffee into the glass (and take your picture), stir it a little. It is best to enjoy all the flavors mixed together.

This coffee cocktail is just one option that uses Jameson Cold Brew. From a coffee martini to even a Jameson and cola, there are many choices that are a delightful sip.

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