HOME on Apple TV +, celebrating a place to believe in the possible

Home on Apple TV+.. Image courtesy Apple TV+
Home on Apple TV+.. Image courtesy Apple TV+ /

The old saying, home is where the heart is, has been transformed in HOME on Apple TV +. Now, home is a place to believe in the possible.

Premiering today, HOME on Apple TV + explores the concept of a home. For many people, home is more than just four walls and a roof. While architectural styles, materials and even an idea vary, a few concepts seem to transcend the variations. From the densely populated streets of Hong Kong to the lush tropical escape of Bali to the beaches of Malibu, home is more than just a structure. It embraces what is possible.

During today’s current climate, many people are spending even more time within their homes. While being told to stay within a confined space might seem daunting, it can be a time to reexamine what home can and does mean. In some ways, that space is only limited by perception.

In the new series, HOME on Apple TV +, the nine part docu-series explores not only the physical structures of a home but the idea of how people live. From letting nature guide decision to seeking innovation out of necessity, the status quo is no longer relevant. For those who dream bigger, those four walls of a home are never confining.

Broken into nine 30 minute episodes, each subject presents a different concept of home. From the Swedish architect who creates a home inside of a greenhouse to the Hong Kong designer who maximizes a tiny space, these people are innovators. Not only are they innovating in design, but they are challenging the ideas that society holds steadfast.

Often, there is the idea that a home is a sanctuary. While everyone’s concept is different, that overarching idea seems to ring true for many people. Think about it. When you come home from a long day, do you let a breath escape and just relax?

Even if your home has the same façade as five other houses down the street or you forgot to put away the dishes from breakfast, that space is yours. From the pictures on the wall to the stain on the carpet, you impacted that space. For you, it has meaning.

In this Apple TV + series, these creators show how they developed a space that not only has meaning for them, but it can have meaning for others. Many people may not use bamboo as a structure for an entire house, but one area in Bali shows that it is possible. If it is possible there, could future sustainable products change how homes are made throughout the world?

Looking at the Chicago episode, the South Side of Chicago takes on a whole different meaning when viewed through an artistic lens. Instead of the decay and despair, new life can sprout from the ashes. People just need to believe in the possible.

The biggest takeaway from HOME on Apple TV + is that people can and do believe in innovation. It isn’t necessarily that tech gadget or the insanely expensive must have item. The future thinkers are finding ways to blend integral aspects of real life into achievable goals. In their words, nothing is impossible and everything is possible.

While some people might still focus on breaking a glass ceiling or other barrier to their ideas, this docu-series shows that detrimental walls are only mental fabrications. With endless possibilities, everyone’s home holds a gift. Now is the time to open that gift and embrace what it presents.

HOME on Apple TV+ is available for streaming now. There are nine 30 minute episodes in this series.

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How does your home help you believe in the possible?