Is your pantry stocked with this must have shelf stable food?

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As grocery store runs are less frequent, shelf stable food can be a smart choice. Is your pantry stocked with these types of food?

Sometimes smart purchases are pantry stables. While some people might not have thought about shelf stable food, it has become a smart option. With fewer grocery shopping runs and the worry about food waste, this type of product can a great choice to always have on hand.

Ambient food, another way of describing shelf stable, is food that can be stored at room temperature. Over the past several years, this type of food has expanded. While everyone might think of canned food, an entire pantry can be filled with a variety of ingredients. In some ways, it can offer an alternative to other common choices.

For example, many people finding and storing milk can be problematic in today’s current climate. Even for a hungry family, gallons of milk take up a lot of refrigerator space. An alternative can be a shelf stable product.

Ripple Foods is an innovative, plant-based food company. For families with nut and dairy allergies, this brand has been a staple. Now, other families are discovering the benefits of its shelf stable products.

From protein shakes to shelf stable plant-based milks, there are a variety of options that the whole family will love. In some ways, these items are perfect to always have in the pantry.

For example, the shelf stable plant-based milk comes in a variety of flavors. While kids might be happy to have a chocolate milk with dinner, you can use those beverages in cereal or even a smoothie. There are many options. Isn’t it always good to have an extra container of milk in the house?

Also, the protein shakes are a great choice. From the weekend warrior looking to supplement her nutrition to the kid who is growing, a protein shake can be a great option. Plus, when they taste good, everyone is excited to enjoy another one.

Due to the current climate, Ripple Foods has launched a direct-to-consumer store. Now, everyone can buy various products online.

More importantly, Ripple Foods is donating to health care providers, first responders and food pantries. For every Ripple Nutrition Protein Shake purchased, both in stores and online, it will donate one. Up to 10,000 bottles will be donated.

Next time you are looking to stock the pantry, consider adding some shelf stable food, like these plant-based milks to the list. It might just be the food trend that everyone can embrace.

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What is currently in your pantry? Have you stocked your pantry with something tasty?