Rold Gold Recipe No 5 gives a new flavor twist to pretzels

New Rold Gold Recipe No 5. Photo provided by Rold Gold
New Rold Gold Recipe No 5. Photo provided by Rold Gold /

Rold Gold pretzels are getting a new flavor twist. Rold Gold Recipe No 5 is a buttery, savory bite that elevates pretzel snacking.

Pretzels have long been a classic snack. The new Rold Gold Recipe No 5 takes a new flavor twist on those classic Rold Gold pretzels. If your snack time is ready for an upgrade, it is time to open a bag.

Looking back through history, pretzels are a food associated with a variety of cultures. Looking specifically at the United States, the Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants were integral in making pretzels a classic American snack. Even today, Pennsylvania produces about 80% of the nation’s pretzels. From hard to soft pretzels, this snack seems to be woven into the cultural collective.

Since pretzels are so popular, there is a National Pretzel Day. Celebrated on April 26, the food holiday is a great reason to enjoy some pretzels. Whether you prefer hard or soft, there is an option for every flavor preference and every craving.

Even an episode of The Office celebrated pretzel cravings for National Pretzel Day. Check out this clip.

While the new Rold Gold Recipe No 5 might not be the sugary bomb from The Office, the flavor in this new pretzel is quite delicious. Compared to a classic pretzel, the flavor is rich and a little butter forward. That butter flavor makes this snack even more versatile.

Additionally, the Rold Gold twisted pretzel has a light seasoning. More than just salt, it similar to a seasoned salt. Combined with the buttery flavor, these pretzels are irresistible.

Even though these Rold Gold pretzels are delicious on their own, they are quite tasty when paired with a bowl of hummus or a little spicy brown mustard. And, if you have an icy cold beer in the refrigerator, it could make for a terrific afternoon snack pairing.

The new Rold Gold Recipe No 5 is available where other Rold Gold pretzels are sold. Check with your preferred retailer for availability.

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Are pretzels your favorite snacks? Do you eat pretzels on their own or do you dip them?