Olive Garden prom tradition continues from home

Olive Garden Prom. Photo provided by Olive Garden
Olive Garden Prom. Photo provided by Olive Garden /

While some high school traditions have taken a virtual spin, the Olive Garden prom tradition continues from home, even with a breadstick bouquet.

For many high schoolers, there is an Olive Garden prom tradition. That pre-prom dinner is filled with breadsticks, favorite pasta meals and many happy memories. While proms have moved to a virtual setting, Olive Garden thinks that one prom tradition can, and should, continue.

Take a moment and think back to your prom. Maybe the dress was a vibrant hot pink. Maybe your bangs were teased so high that it added an inch to your height. Maybe your date decided that it was his moment to make a statement and wear a ruffled shirt. Those photos are forever etched in our memories (and possibly brought back for a good laugh).

While those photos stand the test of time, everyone should have that opportunity to look back and laugh (or cringe). Luckily, the Olive Garden prom tradition will continue, just from home.

To get your own Olive Garden prom photo, simply send a picture to @OliveGarden and use #OliveGardenProm. Then the rest will be photo magic. Your prom picture is done. And, you can even make sure that your eyes are open, your smile is good and you don’t have a piece of spinach in your teeth.

Although this idea is meant for high school students, everyone can join in the prom fun. Maybe you want to recreate that prom memory with your high school sweetheart. Some people never went to prom and now they have the chance. Just maybe, it is a way to embarrass your own high school senior by putting mom and dad’s photo side by side with his. The options are many.

Olive Garden Prom
Olive Garden Prom. Photo provided by Olive Garden /

Since every prom needs a crown, Olive Garden has all the prom props covered, too. From a pasta themed Prom Court Crown to the Prom Breadstick Bouquet wrapper, there is everything to make this prom at home Olive Garden approved. In some ways, that Prom Breadstick Bouquet is a much tastier choice than a brightly colored carnation.

Even though the prom proposals might be toned down this year, be cautious when handing out those bouquets. Only a few people can really be the Prince of Parmesan. Make sure whomever is your Breadstick Bae will appreciate the gesture.

Lastly, Olive Garden can still be that pre-prom meal. Remember that curbside and delivery options are available. Even the Buy One, Take One offer is available. Unlike the other prom, you don’t have to worry about leaving food in the limo during the dance.

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