Boost those antioxidants by popping open a can of Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Vizzy, the first ever hard seltzer with Antioxidant Vitamin C. Photo provided by Vizzy
Vizzy, the first ever hard seltzer with Antioxidant Vitamin C. Photo provided by Vizzy /

Have you tried Vizzy Hard Seltzer? With a boost of antioxidants and bold, fruit flavor combinations, this new hard seltzer has everyone wanting another sip.

Hard seltzers have been a huge beverage trend and Vizzy Hard Seltzer is setting itself apart from the crowd. As the first hard seltzer to feature antioxidant vitamin C, this beverage could make you feel a little better about popping open a can. Are you ready to take a sip?

As warmer weather approaches, many people are craving light, fruit forward beverages. Add in outdoor activities and hard seltzers are the perfect refresher. People want beverages that fit into their active lifestyles.

While the beverage shelf might have various options, Vizzy Hard Hard Seltzer has found a way to set itself apart. With just 1 gram of sugar, gluten free and 5% alcohol by volume, those aspects have appeal, but this beverage offers something new, antioxidant vitamin C.

Vizzy has acerola cherry, which is an antioxidant vitamin C rich superfruit. Elizabeth Hitch, Director of Hard Seltzers. Said “We created Vizzy to have all of the things the other hard seltzers have but with a meaningful addition that drinkers actually care about, antioxidant vitamin C.”

Since people are looking for balance, the idea that a beverage can work within those choices is smart. Sometimes that little “extra” is the boost that people want.

Even with all the extras, the hard seltzer needs to taste good. Vizzy comes in four flavors, Pineapple Mango, Black Cherry Lime, Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry Kiwi. The flavor combinations are another aspect that sets this hard seltzer apart from the crowd.

In each of the flavor combinations, one fruit flavor is slightly more dominant. Usually, one fruit flavor hit first and then the second flavor subtly lingers.

For example, the Pineapple Mango is more mango dominate. From the aroma to the first sip, that tropical mango flavor is bright, refreshing. The pineapple adds a touch of sweetness. Overall, it is quite delightful.

Thinking of this particular flavor, it pairs well with a variety of dishes. From a big, juicy burger fresh off the grill to a bowl of cold soba noodles, there are many pairings.

The Vizza Hard Seltzer is hitting store shelves now. It is sold in 12-pack variety packs and six-packs of the just the Pineapple Mango flavor. Each can is 12 oz.

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Are you ready to get a boost with your hard seltzer? Pop open a can of Vizzy Hard Seltzer and try a sip.