Aisha Momaney shares her brown sugar cake recipe, perfect for Mother’s Day

Aisha Momaney’s Brown sugar cake, photo by Aisha MomaneyPhoto edited by Cristine Struble
Aisha Momaney’s Brown sugar cake, photo by Aisha MomaneyPhoto edited by Cristine Struble /

Fans of Spring Baking Championship loved Aisha Momaney. As home bakers start planning a Mother’s Day treat, this brown sugar cake recipe will definitely impress mom.

Aisha Momaney whipped up delicious treats on Spring Baking Championship on Food Network. While some of those confections were quite skilled, the pastry chef understands that the home baker wants to create delicious treats, too. Sometimes the best recipes, like her brown sugar cake recipe, is easy and perfect.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, many families are looking to create a special treat for mom. While some people might be experienced bakers, others are developing a love of baking. Sometimes making a treat from scratch is not only satisfying bite but offers a feeling of accomplishment.

Looking at Aisha’s brown sugar cake recipe, the recipe is perfect for both the newbie baker and the experienced one. The recipe is not only delicious but it can use ingredients that are in the pantry and freezer.

When asked about this cake recipe, Aisha said that she would make this cake for “family meal.” In restaurants, everyone on shifts would eat together before the next service. While the recipe is relatively easy, the toffee-like sauce is a favorite. She calls is a definite “crowd pleaser.”

Aisha understands that many people are “turning to food and baking for comfort and a sense of normalcy. This cake is the perfect answer to that.”

And, the recipe has fruit, which everyone knows that fruit means that you can have a bigger slice. Aisha said the recipe uses frozen fruit, which is a “great way to clean out your freezer.” She used some pears that she had.

Truthfully, she said that you can use almost any time fruit. Even “any borderline overripe fruit you need to get rid of” would work.

Lastly, the brown sugar cake recipe isn’t just for dessert. It can be a tasty pairing with morning coffee. If you are making brunch for Mother’s Day, this recipe could be perfect.

Aisha Momaney, Brown sugar cake recipe
Aisha Momaney’s Brown sugar cake, photo by Aisha MomaneyPhoto edited by Cristine Struble /

Here’s how to make Aisha Momaney’s brown sugar cake recipe.

"Brown sugar cake227g softened butter (salted or unsalted)300g brown sugar100g granulated sugar4 eggs2 tsp vanilla ex282 ap flour1/2 tsp salt1/2 tsp baking powder183g milk (I used buttermilk because I had some around I wanted to get rid of!)Roughly 2 cups of fruit (can be omitted and you can add whatever you want! I’ve thrown in chocolate chips, m&ms, chopped nuts, you name it)Method:Cream butter and sugars until fluffyAdd eggs one at a time with vanilla extractCombine all drysAlternate drys with milk, batter will sometimes appear broken, this is ok!For the fruit, frozen fruit sometimes will release a lot of water so I cooked mine down with maple, half a lemon and a pinch of salt until almost all the liquid had cooked out and the pears were caramel-y. Then I layered the bottom of the cake pan with them.This recipe will either yield one Bundt cake mold (you know you have one lying around that hasn’t been used yet!) Or I made two 9 inch cakes so it was a faster bake. If you want to go this route just split the batter evenly between two greased (I use butter, lots!) pans.Bake at 350’f until a skewer or knife comes out clean. Unmold immediately and reserve.Brown sugar sauceIngredients:227g butter1 tsp vanilla ex1 tbl sp corn syrup (I used maple, you could also use honey or agave etc)110g brown sugar30g milk (buttermilk again for me)1/2 lemonPinch of saltRoughly two cups of chopped fruitPlace all ingredients in a pan and simmer till all is combined stirring occasionally. Let simmer for about five minutes. Pour over cake (or cakes, distributing the fruit evenly) and let soak in before serving."

FoodSided would like to thank Aisha for sharing this delicious, easy brown sugar cake recipe for Mother’s Day or any day. We cannot wait to bake one for the mom in our house, Sunday brunch or just any excuse to enjoy a scrumptious cake.

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