Banana Nut Cheerios satisfies the banana bread craving without baking

Banana Nut Cheerios. Photo provided by Cheerios
Banana Nut Cheerios. Photo provided by Cheerios /

While everyone seems to be making banana bread, Banana Nut Cheerios are the tasty bowlful of banana flavor that does not require an oven.

Banana bread, like many comfort foods, is having a moment. If you are not a baker, Banana Nut Cheerios satisfies that nutty, banana flavor without turning on the oven. Are you ready to grab a cereal bowl and spoon?

Cheerios have long been a family favorite. Whether it was the first food that you could feed yourself to the heart shaped cereal that reminded people to eat well, Cheerios has grown with families. Although the classic and even Honey Nut flavors reign as top choices, the innovative flavor options occasionally put the classics on hold.

Banana Nut Cheerios are on store shelves for a limited time. Now through May, this banana forward cereal seems to be on trend. While not exactly like that classic banana bread, the real banana puree and cinnamon satisfies that craving without all the effort.

Even though the majority of people will enjoy these Cheerios in their cereal bowl, the flavor is perfect for snacking. Consider mixing some Banana Nut Cheerios in with raisins or even some chocolate chips. The flavor is delightful in a trail mix type snack.

Cinnamon Cheerios
Cinnamon Cheerios. Photo provided by Cheerios /

If you are not a big banana fan, another Cheerios flavor might tempt you. Cinnamon Cheerios are starting to hit store shelves. While some stores have started to carry this cereal, the flavor will be more widely available in June.

The Cinnamon Cheerios are a little sweet, but the warm, spicy cinnamon flavor is dominate. Just a whiff of cinnamon goodness will instantly perk up the morning. Plus, the cinnamon flavored milk in the bowl will be an extra treat.

While many people think of cereal as a breakfast food, it can be an anytime meal or snack. Whether eaten in a bowl with milk, eat as a snack or incorporated into another recipe, Cheerios are always a pantry staple.

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Are you excited about Banana Nut Cheerios or Cinnamon Cheerios? What is your favorite cereal to always have in the pantry?