Green Eggs and Ham Tots: Thanks to Universal, yes we can make it in our house

Green Eggs & Ham Tots - photo by Cristine Struble
Green Eggs & Ham Tots - photo by Cristine Struble /

While Universal’s Seuss Landing is a little quiet, the Seuss inspired Green Egg and Ham Tots can be made anywhere, including your house.

Where can you eat Green Eggs and Ham Tots? Although Sam I Am might eat them in car or on a boat, everyone can now make them in their own house. Looking at this recipe, even the kids can help to make this Seuss-inspired dish. The only question on the table is, how many times will you eat them this week?

Tucked into a corner of Seuss Landing, the Green Eggs and Ham Café opened at the end of last year. While it is periodically opened and closed, the newest version of this restaurant featured tots, lots of tots. From Pizza Tots to Buffalo Chicken Tots to the Green Eggs and Ham Tots, everyone excitedly lined up to get a bowl of these tasty tater tots.

Although everyone eagerly awaits the chance to enjoy another bowl of tots in the colorful Seuss Landing, Universal’s Blog has released the recipe to make Green Eggs and Ham Tots. Just like those favorite Seuss books, this recipe is quite easy to follow.

The recipe is basically four ingredients and three of the four ingredients can be purchased from the store. Yes, you can use store bough white cheddar queso. Why struggle to make your own from scratch?

The biggest challenge to this recipe is the green eggs. This “green” food is easy to make. It is basically eggs that has spinach pesto folded into the eggs. Universal shares its spinach pesto recipe. If you have a different pesto recipe, you could probably use that recipe, too.

A great pesto recipe can be a kitchen staple. Whether it is used with eggs, on sandwich or in a pasta, pesto can go with almost anything.

While this colorful recipe is based on the Seuss book, it serves as a reminder that tater tots can be the base for a variety of recipes. As seen at the Universal restaurant, pizza toppings or buffalo chicken can smother some tots.

For everyone at home, why not use a bowl full of tater tots to get creative in the kitchen. Maybe tots can be an easy way to get the kids to eat some more vegetables. What about the idea of turning a bowl of tots into a trip around the world. From Asian Gochujang to African peri peri sauce, the tots can be the base for almost anything.

One idea that FoodSided hasn’t figure out is dessert tots. While there is probably a recipe idea that someone has created, the tots and nutella was not necessarily a recipe winner.

Why not get the family in the kitchen and have some fun. Whether it is Green Eggs and Ham Tots or something else, open that Quarantine Kitchen to a fun adventure. Just like the sign at Universal’s Islands of Adventure says, your adventure awaits.

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What theme park recipes are you making at home? Is your family becoming more creative in the kitchen?