Free Dunkaroos are here and you better hurry to get some

Dunkaroos are back! photo provided by General Mills
Dunkaroos are back! photo provided by General Mills /

The iconic 90s treat is back and free Dunkaroos could be yours. If you have a craving for this tasty, sweet treat, here’s how to get some.

Ready to feel like a kid again? Today, you could win free Dunkaroos. The classic 90s treat is coming back to store shelves and General Mills is excited to celebrate with some free treats. Are your fingers fast enough to get some?

On April 30, at 3 p.m. ET, the Dunkaroos website will give fans an opportunity to request free Dunkaroos. Fans can request a pack of Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles. There will be 5,000 packs given away.

If you do not get a package of these free Dunkaroos today, don’t fret. The classic 90s treat will be hitting 7-Eleven stores in May. Additional grocery stores and convenience stores will carry the sweet treat starting in June.

The return of Dunkaroos shows the impact that food fans can have on brands. So many people wanted this treat to return, the brand understood that it had a huge audience. Even though people want trendy and new, those classic treats still have a place on store shelves.

Recently, many 90s brands have returned to store shelves. Consumers are wanting that taste of childhood. From a specific salty snack to favorite sweet treat, people want that taste of childhood.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see if other 90s treats return to store shelves. Dunkaroos could be just the beginning. There are so many snack foods that resonated with people. The possibilities are many.

If you can’t wait for a taste of Dunkaroos, remember to try for the free Dunkaroos promotion. If could be the bite of happy to make your day.

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What 90s treats do you want to see return? Are you a fan of Dunkaroos?