Silk Soymilk encourages everyone to eat like an Olympian

Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman are the new faces of Silk Soymilk, photo provided by Silk
Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman are the new faces of Silk Soymilk, photo provided by Silk /

As plant-based beverages become more popular, Silk Soymilk is showing the home cook that she can too eat like an Olympian.

Healthy eating and smart food choices are becoming more important. Silk Soymilk plays an important role in many people’s eating habits. Now, the popular plant-based beverage brand is giving people the opportunity to eat like an Olympian.

Even though people might be baking more or craving comfort foods, incorporating protein in their healthy eating habits is important. Many people turn to Silk Soymilk as a good source of protein. Even some famous Olympians have found that the plant based beverage works with their lifestyle choices.

Silk Soymilk  has joined forces with Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman. In addition to the two Olympians being featured on the brand’s packaging, the pair will be sharing how the plant based beverage fits into their lifestyle choices. In addition, the pair is helping Silk raise awareness for Feeding America. Silk has 1.5 millions meals to the organization.

According to Phelps, “This period of slowing down has reminded me about the importance of both physical and mental health, and how food plays such an essential role in our daily life. Both Silk and I realize how important it is to keep everyone fueled, and we are proud to help support people in need during these challenging times.”

In addition to being brand partners, the pair will be sharing their tips and recipes that incorporate Silk. While many people enjoy the plant-based beverage in their cereal or smoothie, there are many creative, tasty recipes that incorporate the product.

For example, Raisman has shared a couple of recipes that help fuel her busy lifestyle. For example, Raiman has shared her recipe for Aly Raisman’s Kale Power Salad with Creamy Caesar Dressing. The Caesar Salad uses the Silk. The vegan dressing is delicious in the Kale salad, but it can also be used in a variety of dishes.

Here’s how to make Raisman’s Creamy Caesar Dressing.

"Creamy Caesar DressingIngredients:3/4CUP VEGAN MAYONNAISE1/2CUP SILKORIGINALSOYMILK3 CL0VES GARLIC, MINCED3 TBLS LEMON JUICE1TBLS LOW SODIUM SOY SAUCE2 TSP DIJON MUSTARD1/2 TSP SALT1/2 TSP PEPPERMethod:Whisk all dressing ingredients together until fully combined. Add more soymilk to thin consistency or more mayonnaise to thicken consistency. Refrigerate until used.Yield 1 ½ cups"

This recipe shows the versatility of Silk. Simple swaps can make a variety of dishes plant-based. The flavors are the same that people enjoy. With a little creativity, healthy eating is easy and tasty. While it might not make you nail that perfect dismount off the balance beam, it could give you the fuel to power through your next workout.

As more people continue to explore the flexitarian lifestyle, plant-based foods and other healthy eating choices, Silk Soymilk can be a beverage to keep in the refrigerator.

The new Silk packaging featuring Phelps and Raisman will be hitting store shelves soon. Additionally, the pair will be sharing how the plant-based beverage fits into their lifestyle choices.

Silk has committed to donating 1.5 million meals to Feeding America. The donation will help Americans who are struggling with hunger and food insecurity.

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Are you ready to eat like an Olympian? It might not earn you a gold medal, but swapping Silk Soymilk in recipes can be a healthy lifestyle choice.