Dunkin Butter Pecan coffee and Croissant Stuffers to start the day

Croissant Stuffers (Chicken & Bacon/3 Cheese/Turkey & Cheese) Photo provided by Dunkin'
Croissant Stuffers (Chicken & Bacon/3 Cheese/Turkey & Cheese) Photo provided by Dunkin' /

One of the most requested Dunkin flavors, Dunkin Butter Pecan coffee is back. Are you going to pair it with the Croissant Stuffers or a classic donut?

Need a pick-me up? Dunkin Butter Pecan coffee is here to bring that morning boost or that afternoon refreshment. Always a fan favorite, that classic flavor could be your perfect cup of coffee.

Combining those flavors of butter roasted pecan and sweet cream in a single sip can make any day seem a little brighter. If you cannot resist this flavor, grab a cup before the limited flavor disappears again.

As the warmer weather starts to appear, the thirst for ice coffee grows. Dunkin wants to give back to its customers with $2 Iced Mondays. Every Monday in May, a medium ice coffee is just $2. Whether you start the day or end your day with Dunkin’, this beverage deal is a great choice.

While many people stop at Dunkin for their caffeine fix, the brand has expanded its food options. Although donuts will always be a staple, many people are looking for heartier choices. The Croissant Stuffers are an exciting menu addition.

Available in two flavors, Three Cheese and Chicken, Bacon and cheese, these menu items are considered a snack, but could be a meal. Easily eaten on the go, it could replace that breakfast sandwich.

If you had to choose just one Croissant Stuffers flavor, the Chicken, Bacon & Cheese is a must try. While bacon is always tasty, the everything season pushes it over the top. What isn’t better with everything seasoning?


Whether you come into Dunkin for the Croissant Stuffers, an iced coffee or another cup of Dunkin Butter Pecan coffee, the iconic brand has found a way to keep everyone running, even during difficult times. There is something comforting to know that in the middle of chaos, some things will stay the same. A great cup of coffee, a tasty snack and a donut will always be there for everyone.

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Have you made a run to Dunkin recently? What is your favorite coffee flavor?