The secret to making the best whipped coffee is in your kitchen cabinet

Whipped coffee. Photo by Cristine Struble
Whipped coffee. Photo by Cristine Struble /

While the Dalgona Coffee might not necessarily be new, making the best whipped coffee comes with a little secret, which might be in your kitchen cabinet.

Do you think that you know how to make the best whipped coffee? Recently, that coffee trend has taken over everyone’s feed. The layered coffee is not only a caffeine boost, but it is a sweet sip. For anyone missing that Frappuccino sugar fix, this coffee drink could become the new favorite.

The ingredients for a whipped coffee are relatively simple. It is instant coffee crystals, sugar and hot water. Of course, milk is part of the equation, but that part isn’t labor intensive. The biggest hack when it comes to the milk portion is that the milk needs to be cold. The cold milk helps keep the whipped coffee floating on top.

As it says in the name, the coffee portion is whipped. Anyone who has made whipped cream, by hand, understands that whipping ingredients takes time and effort. While it might give you those toned arms that you have always wanted, the effort could make it difficult to lift that beverage and take a sip.

Still, this coffee beverage only works when the topping is whipped and you whip it good. But, if you don’t have those arms of steel, there is a secret. It might already be hiding in your kitchen cabinet.

The easiest and quickest way to make the best whipped coffee is with an immersion blender. This stick blender makes quick work of that frothy, sweet coffee mixture. Simply push a button and the immersion blender does the work.

For many home cooks, the immersion blender is a great kitchen essential. From blending soups to salsas to sauces, there are so many uses for this kitchen tool. Even if you have a high speed blender, this stick blender is convenient, easy to clean and makes quick work of many tasks.

There are many types of immersion blenders (stick blenders) on the market and prices vary depending on attachments and speeds. Personally, I use a Cuisinart 2 speed immersion blend for whipped coffee and it works well.

So if you want to start making the best whipped coffee, ditch the whisk and grab an immersion blender. Save the arm workout for strength class.

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Are you part of the whipped coffee trend? Has it replaced your daily coffee run?