Starbucks protein blended cold brew – can it replace your Frappuccino?


Starbucks added another drink you will be craving. Can the new protein blended cold brew replace your favorite Frappuccino?

Starbucks fans have another reason to open their app. The new protein blended cold brew is rolling out at your favorite coffee shop. Could this plant-based blended drink replace your craving for those sweet and colorful Frappuccinos?

According to the company’s press release, the new protein blended cold brew is available as of August 14 at participating locations across the U.S. The best way to see if your favorite location is participating in this new drink roll out is with the app. Simply check the mobile ordering section to find its availability.

Starbucks protein blended cold brew, photo provided by Starbucks media site

The new cold drink is available in two versions, almond and Cacao. Both cold drinks are made with alternative milk (almond milk or coconut milk), which makes the drink dairy free. This particular drink combines two food trends, cold brew coffee and plant based protein alternatives.

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While the two food trends are interesting, another aspect to these drinks is equally intriguing. Both versions incorporate Banana Date Fruit Blend. This blend seems to be where the drink adds a touch of sweetness.

Since the use of refined sugar can be a debated food topic, it is interesting that Starbucks is choosing a fruit based sweetener to add the sugariness to this cold drink. While some people might focus on the plant based proteins and cold brew, this aspect is more innovative.

One of the complaints about a Frappuccino is the high sugar content. With this new cold drink using a more “natural” alternative, consumers can feel less guilty about consuming this cold beverage. Plus, this ingredient keeps the overall calorie count lower (around 270 calories for a grande size).

It will be interesting to see if this cold beverage brings in a new consumer or has Frappuccino lovers switching to a “healthier” alternative. With the extra protein and lower calories, this cold drink could satisfy the cold, blended craving without over the extra guilt.

Also, this drink could be a way to just have coffee in the morning but still have a side of nutrition. The added protein should help keep people fueled for the morning. A plain cup of coffee can’t necessarily offer that aspect.

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If you want to try the Starbucks protein blended cold brew, better head to your favorite location quickly. This new drink is only available while supplies last.