Walmart Express Delivery makes shopping even easier

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With Walmart Express Delivery, there is no need to stroll the store’s aisles searching to complete your shopping list. Delivery to your door has never been easier.

Do you like shopping from your couch? Walmart Express Delivery is making quick work of those shopping lists. While the current environment has changed how people shop, the expansion of Express Delivery makes shopping even more convenient. Why wouldn’t you place an Walmart order?

With more than 160,000 items food, consumables and general merchandise available through this service, the busy family might never need to run to the store after a long day. Soon to be available in nearly 2,000 Walmart stores, the expansion of this service is more than a response to the current crisis. Those tedious grocery stops will no longer be necessary. When time matters, this service delivers.

To facilitate this service, Walmart uses its personal shoppers. These shoppers will pick customers’ orders. Then, the orders will be delivered directly to the consumer, within two hours of the order.

While there is a $10 cost in addition to the existing delivery charge, the cost of the actual products is the same as the price in stores. For some people the additional fees are worth the convenience of the delivery option.

As more and more grocery delivery services emerge, it begs the question if the typical shopping trip and grocery store will ever be the same. Although it seems quite possible that some retail stores may never reopen, the grocery store has been a staple. Whether it is grabbing that loaf of bread on the way home from work or strolling the produce aisle looking for recipe inspiration, many people enjoy the idea of walking through the aisles.

Although the current health crisis has changed how people shop, the circumstances might change shopping habits. More people might like the idea of pushing a button to shop. While you might not be able to pick that perfectly ripe banana, you can write some preferences in the order.

The Walmart Express Delivery could be just the start of more changes to come. From curbside delivery to at home delivery, convenience shopping is here to stay.

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Have you tried Walmart Express Delivery? Do you think that convenience will continue to change grocery shopping?