Upgrade your mint julep with this simple cocktail hack

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The mint julep might be a Kentucky Derby staple, but the iconic cocktail can get an upgrade. With this simple cocktail hack, you will want to mix up another drink.

When was the last time that you had a mint julep? Usually served during the Kentucky Derby, the classic cocktail is relatively straightforward. Although there can be a few variations, this simple cocktail hack could change how you drink that cocktail. Ready to take a sip?

Over the years, Woodford Reserve has shown people innovative, creative and expensive mint julep cocktails during the Kentucky Derby. From a $1,000 cocktail to a special honey created at Churchill Downs, the bourbon cocktail has received many updates.

Still, the classic cocktail is basically just a handful of ingredients. A really good bourbon, simple syrup, mint leaves and crushed ice. Yes, crushed ice is important. Also, the cocktail is usually drunk through a straw (helps to create the perfect layers of flavor) but some people may skip the straw.

The simple syrup offers the touch of sweetness and the mint adds a burst of freshness. All of those flavors combined makes this cocktail a Kentucky favorite.

If you are looking to bring something new to the mint julep drinking experience, there is a simple cocktail hack that could change everything. The idea is used in all types of recipes, especially desserts. It is simple and it is surprising that it isn’t used more often.

Instead of a classic sugar, use mint sugar. While that type of sugar isn’t found on grocery store shelves, the whole process takes only minutes to make. Simply pulse sugar and fresh mint in a food processor. Once the two ingredients are combined, you have mint sugar. It can be stored for a couple days in the refrigerator.

The mint sugar can be used in your simple syrup to make a bolder mint flavor. Another option is to rim your glass with the mint sugar. If you prefer a sweeter drink, this idea is perfection.

Also, if you have some extra mint sugar leftover, you can use it in a variety of ways. From adding some to your tea to sprinkling some on a sorbet, the possibilities are many.

If you are ready to bring something new to that mint julep this year, consider using some mint sugar. It could be the simple cocktail hack that you wish you knew sooner.

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