“Where’s the beef”? This is a good question to ask

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(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) /

 Where’s the beef? We have to also wonder the same thing. As a shortage of beef and other meats grow, what else can we turn to? Wendy’s brought back their old commercial to ask.

Where’s the beef? With a shortage of beef is happening, and one does wonder exactly where the beef is. Lucky for you guys there’s other options out there if the supply chain runs short. Have you ever heard of Impossible Foods? They’ve been a trending topic and discussion for a while now, and I highly suggest giving it a fair chance. So where is the beef?

Plant based meat will become what many will turn to if this supply shortage continues throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond. We also have the 4th of July holiday coming up very soon, and many people grill hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, and even chicken. If the supply for this goes away, then what other option is there but plant based meat?

Impossible Foods have went out and stated that they’ll try to save Kroger from the meat supply issue, so the company is pitching in to help out. Costco and Kroger both have warned customers about this shortage, and many people are not happy about it. Tyson Foods, which supplies chicken products had to close down a number of their plants due to the Coronavirus after employees became ill from it.

What we can do besides plant based meat is just cut back on red meats, and just cook non meat based items to celebrate the 4th this year. This would save the world among many animals such as cows and pigs from being slaughtered. One other way we could adapt without ground beef, chicken, and pork is turn to eating tofu, another big option many discussed.

You can make tofu taste and look like chicken, and also can add it to veggies to mix it up. Maybe this Coronavirus is a good thing as it may result in people making healthier choices for themselves as we run short of the red meats.

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This is just my take on the matter though. What’s yours?