Chefs Lamar Moore & Hong Thaimee share why they support DELIVE(RED)

DoorDash and (RED) culinary virtual experiences with celebrity chefs fundraiser, photo provided by DoorDash
DoorDash and (RED) culinary virtual experiences with celebrity chefs fundraiser, photo provided by DoorDash /

During the current crisis, people’s generosity has been inspiring. Chefs Lamar Moore and Hong Thaimee, and other celebrity chefs, support DoorDash and (RED) in DELIVER(RED).

Food can be more than just another dinner. For Chefs Lamar Moore and Hong Thaimee, their passion for food and cooking reaches far beyond the walls of the kitchen. These two celebrity chefs, and celebrity chefs, have partnered with DoorDash and (RED) to raise funds and awareness for the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response. Are you ready to make a difference?

Through the DELIVE(RED) campaign, DoorDash and (RED) are working together on several initiatives to raise funds and awareness for the Global Fund’s COVID-10 Response. In addition to donating to the efforts or purchasing limited edition merchandise, customers “can enter for a chance to win exclusive 1:1 culinary virtual experiences with celebrity chefs.” Chefs participating in these experiences include “Elizabeth Falkner, Lamar J. Moore, Hong Thaimee, Nina Compton, and (RED) collaborator, jewelry designer and culinary entrepreneur, Jennifer Fisher.”

Recently, I spoke with Chefs Lamar Moore and Hong Thaimee about their participation in this event and some of their thoughts about cooking.

Food Network fans might recognize Chef Lamar Moore after his recent win on Vegas Chef Prizefight. The Chicago chef is known not only for his amazing brunch dishes but also for his soul food. For this promotion, Chef Lamar is offering a virtual brunch.

When speaking with him, I asked why he feels it is important to understand the global impact of this crisis. He said, “It’s very important. This is something we have never faced before and it requires lots of teamwork, global understanding, better safety, and be more globally conscious of what is going on. Not just in our areas, but outside of our comfort zones.”

While the Chicago restaurant industry has been hard hit, everyone, everywhere, has felt the impact of the crisis. Still, food tends to bring people together. Chef Lamar said, “Food connects people from family, heritage, traveling, culture. It bonds people in meetings, gatherings, graduations, celebrations. It is the essence of the soul.”

Looking at this special DoorDash (RED) experience, the virtual cooking lesson will feature a cooking lesson about brunch. Chef Lamar choose brunch because “I thought it would be fun to cook brunch. I find that people have a hard time cooking brunch, especially eggs, plus it’s one of my favorite cuisines.”

With many people making brunch this week, I had to ask what any cook needs to remember in the kitchen. Chef Lamar put is simply, “K.I.S.S. Keep it short and simple. Start slow, take your time, and taste your food constantly.”

Looking at a totally different virtual cooking experience, Chef Hong Thaimee is going to be offering a Thai cooking masterclass. Chef Hong is a virtuoso of Thai cooking. Some foodies might remember her epic Iron Chef America battle against Bobby Flay.

For her virtual cooking lesson, she will explore foods that can be either (RED) hot or mildly flavorful. From Thai favorites to layering those robust flavors, this cooking experience could change how you approach a recipe.

While chatting with Chef Hong, she understands that the home cook can be intimidated with Thai food. She said, “I was born and raised in Thailand. I know how much people love Thai food and its culture but some still find it intimidating to cook Thai food, especially at home. But it should no longer be the case. I will show them what I know – cooking (delicious authentic) Thai food is easy and healthy. And, everyone can do it!”

With more people exploring cooking, it can be a perfect opportunity for home cooks to try new foods and flavors. Chef Hong said, “Cooking is not rocket science, and you don’t need to be a professional to do it well. Just keep it simple, there are loads of easy, cheap recipes you can find online. Keep It Simple and don’t forget practice makes perfect. The more you cook the more you learn and hopefully you will enjoy it more.”

In a way, that plate of food is more than just sustenance on the plate. It is an expression from the person cooking and almost a gift to the person receiving it.

Chef Hong said, “Every time I cook, I cook with my heart. I think that cooking can be a way of expressing love, and that’s why I get so much pleasure from it (and, I hope, so do those who eat my food!) Flavorful food brings joy. Joy brings great conversations and it’s another great way to connect!”

Given how this current crisis has impacted every part of the globe, this DoorDash and (RED) initiative is more than just a fun cooking experience. It is a reminder how interconnected everyone is.

For Chef Hong, she understands the global reach. She said, “It’s very important to raise awareness about the global element because the world is more connected than ever. We need to respond to this crisis as an international community, and not become closed off from each other, or stigmatize certain communities. Yes, it’s really hard for us in New York, but it’s going to get even worse for people in developing countries, from an economic and health perspective. When I look at what’s happening in Thailand, people risk starvation if they lose their jobs, and there’s a lot of concern for people in many African countries.”

In the end, everyone can do her part to help. From making a contribution to the programs supported by DoorDash and (RED), to a donation to a local organization or even just a kind word to the people in your community. Every positive choice can and does make a difference.

If you would like to hear more about this program, please visit the DoorDash (RED) website.

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How are you making a positive difference in light of the current crisis? Does food play a part in that role?