The perfect at home Sunday brunch is easier than you think

Dash’s spring brunch line. Photo provided by Dash
Dash’s spring brunch line. Photo provided by Dash /

While everyone has a favorite brunch spot, the perfect at home Sunday brunch can be the perfect way to spend to a Sunday. Ready to get cooking?

Creating an easy, delicious at home Sunday brunch does not require a chef’s coat. With a few easy to use kitchen essentials, a variety of favorite brunch recipes can be made by anyone. It is time to pour yourself a mimosa, crack an egg and get ready to enjoy a leisurely brunch.

With more and more people enjoying cooking at home, home cooks are learning that the right kitchen essentials can make cooking even easier. Although investing in kitchen tools is a good choice, sometimes the new cook might prefer to start small. There nothing worse than spending $100 on a waffle maker only to have it sit on the shelf, never to be used.

Luckily, Dash offers innovative, affordable kitchen appliances. From the newbie cook to the experienced chef, these easy to use kitchen appliances can make at home Sunday brunch and all types of home cooking fun.

One favorite brunch food is waffles. While some people prefer a classic waffle, custom waffles can bring everyone into the kitchen.

Dash has a mini waffle maker. That smaller size is a perfect choice to have several smaller waffles, maybe even different flavors. The whole family can get into the kitchen and cook. From a plain waffle piled high with whipped cream to a colorful, funetti waffle for the kids, there are so many recipe possibilities.

And, for those people who prefer Keto friendly recipes, that mini waffle maker is perfect for a chaffle. Made without the grain (mostly egg and cheese), the chaffle is a tasty treat. Everyone seems to love the texture. It is crispy, tasty bite that is brunch perfection.

In many ways, a mini waffle maker is a must in any household. So many recipes can be “waffled.” From pizzas to sandwiches, it is fun to play the game, can you waffle it.

Sunday brunch
Dash’s spring brunch line. Photo provided by Dash /

If you prefer a more traditional at home brunch dish, eggs are always a tasty choice. Since poached eggs can be tricky, the Egg Bite Cooker might remind you of a particular coffee shop variety.

With the Egg Bite Cooker, home cooks can create a variety of recipes. From extra veggies to some pieces bacon, everyone can flex their cooking creativity. Since these egg bites cook quickly, everyone can have their own custom ones.

These two at home Sunday brunch ideas are just a small sample. With the right kitchen essentials, any home cook can whip up a variety of brunch dishes. Now is the time to get cooking.

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What is your favorite brunch dish? What is one of your must have kitchen essentials?