Best Food Subscription for Social Distancing

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Do you use food subscription services? These convenient ways of shopping have been a helpful way of navigating social distancing.

We may find ourselves at home, dreading going to the grocery store as guidelines are being placed to begin phasing in the reopening of American businesses. We may also see that we are eating more and more comfort foods that may not be as healthy as we should be eating. Having a food subscription is the perfect way to stay home and practice social distancing while still getting healthy food!

Here is a quick list of some of the best meal subscription boxes for 2020. With this list we don’t have to worry about running to the store to get healthy foods or snacks, we can have them shipped right to our front door! Nothing beats a good meal and maybe a nice cup of coffee too…

Green Chef

The Healthiest Food Subscription Box

Green Chef boasts that you can get set up and have food delivered to your door in 3 easy steps! What’s even more special about Green Chef is that they promote healthy options with a focus on keto, paleo, balanced living, plant-powered, and a family plan! Their diversity and certification for being an organic company puts them in their own league for meal subscriptions.


Most Cost-Effective Food Subscription Box

Dinnerly offers a strategic format for their meals which translates to low prices for you and your family. They offer one of two box sizes, a 2-person box, and a family box that is designed for families with up to 4 people.  Depending on how much you order per box your price per portion can be as low as $4.29 with a cap per portion at $4.99 and flat rate shipping of $8.99 no matter how large of an order you place.  There is also added versatility with Dinnerly by choosing to make your boxes vegetarian if you prefer.

Home Chef

Most Student-Friendly Food Subscription Box

Home Chef balances price and versatility offering options for people that are carb or calorie conscious as well as vegetarian options. They boast that they have tons of options to fit any diet possible! With meals starting at $6.99 you can’t go wrong, especially with their “ready in 15 minutes” collection of meals. They also have a promotion for students to get 50% off their first box!

Food Stirs

A Food Subscription Box for Desserts? Yes, Please!

What’s unique about Food Stirs that really sets them apart from their competitors is that they focus only on baking! Their subscription service is also structured differently as they only send out boxes on even months. Their June kit is a Tropical Teddy Island Cupcake Kit, boasting natural and organic ingredients! They also sell their products on their website if you don’t want to wait every other month.

 Take-Out Kit

Not a Food Subscription Box at all, but that’s okay!

Take Out Kit isn’t settled around shipping you stuff on a regular basis, you order how ever many kits you want at any given time and they offer free shipping on orders over $50.  They can even be found on Amazon Prime. Whether you’re in the mood for Moroccan Shakshuka, Peruvian Chicken, or Japanese Tonkotsu, Take Out Kit has you covered!

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Do you have a favorite Food Subscription that you already utilize? Do you want to try any of the ones listed above? Feel free to let us know below!