Latte copycat recipes can turn anyone into an at-home barista

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While a leisurely morning at your favorite coffee shop would be welcome, these latte copycat recipes can turn anyone into an at home barista. Ready to take a sip?

Craving your favorite coffeehouse lattes? These latte copycat recipes might be even better than your favorite beverage made at your favorite spot. Becoming an at-home barista is easy with the right ingredients. What is in your pantry?

While some people are obsessed with whipped coffees and other Tik Tok recipes, lattes are always a tasty choice. From a morning pick-me up to an afternoon indulgence, many lattes are more than just a combination of coffee or tea and milk. From colorful drinks to expertly layered flavors, the latte is as much ritual as refreshment.

Sometimes a visit to the local coffee shop is not in the cards, but that latte craving needs to be satisfied. Luckily, latte copycat recipes allow anyone to be an at-home barista in just a few simple steps.

Recently, TAZO shares some popular latte recipes that are just as delicious at any coffee house version. Using the same ingredients that people know and love, these at home versions could be even better than the expensive coffee house version. Plus, when you make a latte at home, you can customize that beverage however you prefer.

A recent latte trend has been adding spices, like turmeric, to the traditional latte. While not necessarily a Golden Milk, the vibrant golden lattes are enticing both for the color and the added health benefits. Turmeric is full of many antioxidants and more people are embracing the spice.

TAZO Golden Turmeric Latte Concentrate allows anyone to create this flavorful latte at home. While the concentrate should be diluted, there are a few ways to customize it and make it your own.

For example, some people might prefer to add some coconut milk, oat milk or even almond milk  alternatives. For a stronger turmeric flavor, aim for a 3 to 1 ratio instead of a 2 to 1 ratio.

Also, adding a few extra spices to the latte can boost the flavor. For example, Muddling Memories recommends some muddled ginger to enhance the spicy qualities to the latte. Also, this ingredient enhances the digestive properties of the latte.

Lastly, other spices can be used as a garnish. While nutmeg is an obvious choice, all spice might be an alternative, too.

While the turmeric latte is a more trendy latte, the chai latte can be made at home, too. TAZO has both a TAZO Chai Latte concentrate and a TAZO Chai Latte tea bag option. Either version can bring the classic chai latte into the home coffee house.

The slightly spicy flavors of the chai are balanced by the sweetness of the milk, both dairy and non-dairy options. Since the tea flavor is generally stronger in this type of latte, a 4 to 1 ratio (tea to milk) is preferred.

Some people prefer a little sweeter version. From a touch of honey, agave or brown sugar, the options are many. Additionally, a sprinkle of cinnamon can bolster the spicy notes from the chai.

Given the recent whipped coffee trend, a whipped espresso on the Chai Latte might be nice. Simply create the whipped coffee and top the chai latte with it. It could be a trendy way to enjoy a dirty chai.

TAZO Tea has a variety of tea options that can recreate your favorite coffee house beverages at home. Whether these beverages are latte copycat recipes or a creation of your own, the flavors are just like you remember. Sometimes, your own creation can be even tastier than your local coffee house.

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Have you become an at home barista? What is your favorite coffee house beverage to make at home.