Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin remind us that anything is possible

(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Aviation Gin)
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Aviation Gin) /

Even during social distancing, Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin want everyone to remember that anything is possible, even those moments that you might want to forget.

From that evening cocktail to virtual happy hours, Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin understand that this current climate has people wondering when life will return to normal. That idea of going out to a crowded bar, watching your favorite bartender mix a perfect cocktail and waking up the next morning with a little doubt about the night before is something that many people want. Although though the bar stools are empty, anything is possible, even from your couch. Sometimes we just need a reminder.

During the current crisis, Aviation Gin and Reynolds committed their support to #TipYourBartenders campaign. For every Aviation bottle purchased, a 30% will be donated to the United States Bartenders Guild. The program is set to continue through May 31, 2020.

With this new commercial, the classic Reynolds wit is back. Sometimes, he is willing to say and share those moments that many people would like to forget. Remember, anything is possible.

Check out the commercial.

From the poor tattoo choice to the morning after a night of questionable partying, many people can relate to this commercial. Hopefully, all the events were not captured on social media to continually appear on that annual memory time line.

Still, the idea of this commercial is valid. Social distancing does not mean that the world has come to an end. It can be a little isolating, it can be a little boring, and it can lead people to make poor shopping decisions. It is ok. Who hasn’t looked seen a commercial for that that Simply Fit Board and knew that it would give you get 6-pack abs.

Although the instant abs might not be possible, other parts of life are. You can still shake up a great cocktail. You can find some ways to have fun. No one has become a monk for eternity.

Why not order yourself a bottle of Aviation Gin and shake up a cocktail. Just don’t cut your bangs after drinking. Even though a bangs cut is fixable unlike a bad back tattoo, bangs aren’t a look for everyone.

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How are you making it through your daily routine? Do you believe that anything is possible?