Guy Fieri and Bill Murray battle in the Nacho Average Showdown

Tostitos NACHO AVERAGE SHOWDOWN, photo provided by Tostitos
Tostitos NACHO AVERAGE SHOWDOWN, photo provided by Tostitos /

This Friday, the Nacho Average Showdown has Guy Fieri and Bill Murray battle for nacho supremacy. Luckily this battle in Flavortown is for a good cause.

Everyone has been talking about the Guy Fieri and Bill Murray nacho debate. Now, the score will be settled in the Nacho Average Showdown on Friday, May 15. Both nacho connoisseurs will have help in their corners, the sons, Hunter Fieri and Homer Murray, but the battle lines have been drawn. Who will win this epic nacho showdown?

While this nacho event is entertaining, it is much more than a plate of nachos. The event will benefit the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF). Since its inception, RERF has raised $22 million to help restaurant workers. While this sum is tremendous, the restaurant industry and its workers are struggling and will continue to face hardships as the restaurant world continues to pivot.

Since this event is meant to entertain, Tostitos is pulling out all the stops for this nacho-entertainment. In addition to the Fieri and Murray teams creating their perfect nachos from their homes, some expert judges will be crowning a champion. Terry Crews and Shaquille O’Neal will pick the winner and Carla Hall will ensure that these guys keep the banter in check.

Although the battle lines have been drawn, the nacho recipes remain a closely guarded secret. Team Fieri has extensive food knowledge. From his numerous restaurants, including the Las Vegas Mexican restaurant, El Burro Borracho, he knows a tasty plate of nachos. If anyone had to wager a guess, the Fieri nachos will be a huge plate of food. Flavortown always goes big.

Team Murray is no stranger to the restaurant industry. The Murray Bros Caddyshack Restaurant has some tasty food. Maybe a version of Noonan’s Nachos will be served from its corner.

In many ways, the nachos might be upstaged by the banter in this battle. While celebrity cooking shows have been very popular recently, this event is not just about the cooking. Everyone wants to hear the comments about who is or is not nacho champion.

More importantly, this event is raising funds for an important cause. Anyone who watches in encouraged to donate to the RERF. Also, why not order some nachos from your favorite local restaurant and enjoy them during the Nacho Average Showdown. Maybe that favorite local restaurant could be featured on an upcoming episode of Triple D.

The Nacho Average Showdown will be held on Friday, May 15 at 5 pm EST on the Food Network’s Facebook Page.

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Are you Team Fieri or Team Murray? More importantly, what do you put on your nachos?