Can these bakers impress Buddy Valastro on Big Time Bake?

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A new baking competition is coming to Food Network. On Big Time Bake, these talented bakers try to impress Buddy Valastro with all types of delicious baked treats.

Talents bakers are ready for the Big Time Bake challenge. After his win in Buddy vs Duff season 2, Buddy Valastro is putting these bakers to the ultimate test. With timed challenges, which bakers can whip up the tastiest treats and impress the judges?

Baking shows are incredibly popular on Food Network. From the new Bakeaway Camp with Martha Stewart to the various Seasonal Championships, foodies are drawn to the impressive visuals that these baked treats offer. Whether it is Buddy’s edible art or Martha Stewart’s impeccable layered cakes, these baking competitions epitomize the idea that people eat with their eyes.

Although viewers cannot taste these desserts, many people can imagine the layers of flavors and textures in each dessert. In a way, these Food Network programs can encourage people to get into the kitchen and become part of the “we can cook movement.”

The new baking competition, Big Time Bake, brings Buddy Valastro and other baking experts to the judging table. Unlike other competitions, the bakers must create “creative cookies, decadent cupcakes and a showpiece cake.” Each episode has a specific theme.

In addition to the theme, the bakers have a specific time limit on these baking challenges. Within two hours, the bakers must create and have the judges taste their treats. In some ways, the bakers are competing against the clock as well as showcasing their best baking ability.

While the timing issue isn’t often mentioned on some Food Network baking competitions, it is always a factor. Some desserts take a lot of time to make correctly. Sometimes a baking competition isn’t about the best dessert for the theme, it is the best dessert given the competition parameters. This competition seems to capture that idea.

Big Time Bake is set to premiere on Monday, June 8 at 9 p.m. EST. It will feature Buddy Valastro and a variety of judges including, Aarti Sequeira, Dan Langan, Lorraine Pascale and several others.

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Are you excited to watch Big Time Bake? Do you think that you will learn some great baking tips from this Food Network show?