Buddy vs Duff winner: The force was strong in the Star Wars cakes

Duff Goldman, Special Guest Billy D. Williams, and Buddy Valastro, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 2. Photo courtesy Food Network
Duff Goldman, Special Guest Billy D. Williams, and Buddy Valastro, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 2. Photo courtesy Food Network /

In the words of Yoda, do or not, there is no try. The Buddy vs Duff winner channeled the force in the most epic Star Wars cake for the season finale.

The Buddy vs Duff winner had the force in the Buddy vs Duff finale. With Galaxy’s Edge as the setting for the finale reveal, these Star Wars cakes were definitely the marquee cakes of the entire season. Did Duff Goldman retain his title or was Buddy Valastro able to even the score?

Throughout the Buddy vs Duff season, both teams have had highs and lows. From Duff’s Battlecorn to Big Bad Buddy, there have been many impressive cake displays. Even though Buddy has a six-point lead going into the finale, the Star Wars cake could change the outcome.

With one cake display left to determine the Buddy vs Duff title, the teams decided that these Star Wars cakes would be worth 90 points. More importantly, the cake displays would incorporate all of the themes from the season.

In one cake display, the teams had to show interpretation, realism, special effects, detail, tableau, interactivity and movement. With all the elements and details, it would be a two-day challenge.

Buddy vs Duff winner
Kirstin Makela with Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 2. Photo courtesy Food Network /

As the teams explored Galaxy’s Edge, battle lines were drawn. Duff choose to focus on the X Wing Starfighter and Buddy picked the Millennium Falcon. While the Millennium Falcon might be a bucket of bolts, that cake could not be thrown together, neither should the X Wing.

Although the ships were the main focus of both of these cakes, the cake displays were more than just one gigantic ship. It was creating an entire scene. In Buddy’s case, almost two scenes.

Given all the details and effects at Galaxy’s Edge, these Star Wars cakes needed to be beyond impressive. With all the tiny details in the Disney attraction, everyone would expect that these cakes would be equally impressive. From the touch of rust on the X wing to the hair on Yoda’s head, the scrutiny was intense. After all, the Buddy vs Duff winner had to earn the title.

Additionally, the actual ships are right behind these cakes. If the scale isn’t right, Star Wars fans will know. Everyone knows that Star Wars fans are particular about details.

This Buddy vs Duff finale isn’t about getting it close, it is about getting it right. At Disney, everything is always about creating those magical moments.

Buddy vs Duff winner
Team Duff featuring Geof Manthorne and Duff Goldman, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 2. /

While the big reveal might be picture perfect, the behind the scene struggles are part of reality. From Duff having mechanical issues to Buddy choosing to re-cover his cake, those setbacks only show how determined the teams were to get these Star Wars cakes to be perfect.

Although the ships were the focus, the scene was more impressive. Just like Galaxy’s Edge, those little moments make the Star Wars experience real. From the porgs peaking out from the side to Yoda raising his arm to lift the X Wing Starfighter, no one knew where to look first.

Buddy unveiled his Star Wars cake first. It was a totally interactive presentation that had everyone excited. The first scene showed the Millennium Falcon docked. With Babu Frick and BB8 in front, everyone knew that an adventure was about to happen.

As the Millennium Falcon took off, everyone was excited. More importantly, the request to get everyone to channel the force made the presentation fun. With hyper speed engaged, the finale was a success.

After Buddy’s big excitement, Duff had his work cut out for him. Of course, Duff had that moment where everyone was hoping that the effects would work. Like previous challenges, the wings opened (just a little late).

Still, Duff’s cake was an iconic Star Wars scene. Watching the X Wing Starfighter rise from the swamp was just like the movie. It was a magical scene.

While the X Wing Starfighter was the big element, Yoda stole the show. That sculpture was absolute perfection. He looked like he had stepped out of the Star Wars movie.

Listening to the judges’ critiques, it seemed clear that Duff might be pulling out another victory. Since Duff brought a cake from underground to reveal, the judges liked that new idea. The whole scene was very creative.

Even though Buddy had the bigger show, Duff had the iconic moment. Based on the judges scores, Buddy vs Duff winner for the Star Wars cake challenge was Duff. Although Duff wins this battle, did he win the war, too?


Going into the Buddy vs Duff finale, Duff was down six points. Even though the finale had a huge point total, the competition was close.

In the end, the title of Buddy vs Duff winner this season went to Buddy Valastro. With just 1.5 point difference, Buddy squeaked out the win. Having a commanding lead going into the finale was definitely advantage.

Now that both Buddy and Duff have earned the title, it begs the question. Will there be a Buddy vs Duff 3? Can these cake displays get even more impressive and creative?

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What do you agree with the Buddy vs Duff winner? Do you think that there should be another Buddy vs Duff season to break the tie?