Mickey Mouse Beignets are a magical sweet treat for the whole family

Mickey Mouse Beignets. Photo provided by Disney Parks
Mickey Mouse Beignets. Photo provided by Disney Parks /

Are you ready to create more Disney Magic Moments in the kitchen? The official Mickey Mouse Beignets recipe has been shared and you will want to try this recipe.

Have you had some Mickey Mouse Beignets? Available at both Disney’s Port Orleans Resort and New Orleans Square at Disneyland Resort, the Mickey shaped sweet treat is always a great choice. While you might need an extra napkin to avoid powder sugar spillage, every bite is worth it.

For many Disney fans, the iconic theme park foods are part of the Disney Magic. From Mickey shaped treats to innovative dishes, there is always a tasty bite around every corner. While everyone looks forward to the next rope drop, Disney is giving fans the opportunity to create Disney Magic Moments in their own kitchens.

Previously, Disney Parks blog released its famous churros recipe. Other recipes have been released, too. From Jack Jack cookies to a frozen pineapple treat (it might be a Dole Whip), Disney understands that people are looking for those familiar flavors.

Whether you are a newbie cook or an experienced foodie, these recipes will become part of your cooking and baking repertoire. Who’s ready to get the flour flying and get cooking?

The complete Mickey Mouse Beignets recipe can be found on the Disney Parks blog. This recipe is just like the Disney chefs make. While the home version is a smaller batch, it is still that iconic treat that you remember.

Mickey Mouse Beignets
Mickey Mouse beignets. Photo provided by Disney Parks /

If you decide to make Mickey Mouse Beignets, here are a couple of tips. Give the dough ample time to rest/rise. That time allows the dough to capture its light, fluffy texture.

When it comes time to fry the beignets, give them ample room in the pan. Crowded beignets are like crowded queues. No one is a happy camper.

Also, overcrowding can reduce the oil’s temperature. Cool oil means that the beignet absorbs more oil. No one likes greasy beignets.

If you don’t have a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, don’t fret. You can free cut the Mickey shape. It might not be perfection, but that is ok. Remember the taste is the most important part. Use your imagination, isn’t that part of the Disney Magic, too?

Lastly, the Disney has offered adult version of its Mickey Mouse Beignets. If you are thinking about that idea, use a sauce. From adding a little bourbon to a chocolate sauce to a little champagne to a vanilla cream sauce, the options are many.

What are you waiting for? From Sunday brunch with a café au lait to scrumptious dessert after dinner, there is always a reason to make Mickey Mouse beignets?

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Is there a Disney food that you are craving? What other Disney recipes would you like Disney Parks to reveal?