Was the Official Disney Dole Whip recipe just revealed?

Photo: Dole Whip Float / Magic Kingdom Aloha Isle.. Image Courtesy Disney Enterprises
Photo: Dole Whip Float / Magic Kingdom Aloha Isle.. Image Courtesy Disney Enterprises /

Have you ever wanted the official Disney Dole Whip recipe? If you have the Disney Parks app, you might know the secret recipe.

A little pixie dust has been dusted. The Official Disney Dole Whip recipe seems to have been shared with Disney fans. While copycat recipes have filled many Pinterest boards, this recipe comes straight from Disney. Is your blender ready?

As everyone waits for Disney Parks to reopen, Disney fans long for their favorite treats. Recently, Disney shared its recipe for churros. Part of the Disney Magic Moments, many people jumped at the chance to make those iconic churros at home.

Recently, Disney Parks app users got a treat when they opened the app. A notification came through for a “frozen pineapple treat.” While the official term, Dole Whip, wasn’t used, this frozen pineapple treat sound a lot like a Dole Whip.

According to the directions, the recipe uses “1 big scoop of ice cream, 4 oz of pineapple juice, 2 cups of frozen pineapple.” All the ingredients are combined in a blender until it makes a thick drink. While it seems a little thick for a smoothie, it could be perfect swirled in a bowl.

Now, it may or may not be the official Disney Dole Whip recipe. Still, the flavors are similar to a Dole Whip and it could curb that craving while the Disney Parks are closed.

Previously, Dole has revealed other fruit whip recipes as part of Disney movie related recipes. While those recipes feature berries, the consistency is similar. Maybe this frozen pineapple treat is the real deal.

In many ways, it doesn’t matter if this recipe is the “official” one or not. The truth is that Disney Magic can and should be recreated at home. Whether it is putting on a pair of Mickey Ears, scrolling through photos or watching virtual experiences online, Disney Magic isn’t limited to the confines of the Disney Parks. That sprinkle of Pixie Dust stays with you long after you have walked past the turnstile.

Whether you try this Pineapple Frozen Treat or grab a Mickey Ice cream from the freezer section, there are plenty of ways to find Disney magic while the theme parks are closed.

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Do you think that Disney revealed the official Disney Dole Whip recipe? Are you going to make one?