Could Mickey Mouse ice cream be coming to your grocery store?


Mickey Mouse ice cream is one of the most iconic Disney foods. Could that Disney treat be coming to your local grocery store?

Mickey Mouse ice cream is always a must eat during any Disney trip. The classic vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate shaped in Mickey ears is always a tasty treat. But could that Disney sweet treat become available outside of a Disney theme park?

According to Walt Disney World News Today, the iconic Mickey ears ice cream is going to be hitting the local grocery stores. This special limited edition offering is part of Mickey’s 90th birthday celebration. While not exactly the same version that is available in the Disney theme parks, this store version is pretty close.

Reportedly, this ice cream is a partnership with Nestle and Disney. The Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars will come in a box of six. Each ice cream bar is three-ounces (not four-ounces, like the ones in Disney Parks). Apparently, the special ice cream will be available starting in February, but exact stores and/or locations will vary.

Walt Disney World News Today reports Mickey Mouse Ice Cream coming to grocery stores, photo from

This offering isn’t the only Mickey’s 90th Birthday celebration offerings. Dole created a whole line of recipes celebrating Mickey. Other companies offer celebratory products, too.

For some Disney fans, this ice cream offering isn’t necessarily the best idea. Enjoying a Mickey ears ice cream was special to being at a Disney theme park. It was more than a shaped ice cream on a stick. It was part of the Disney experience.

Making these ice cream treats available at various grocery stores makes that ice cream a little less special. It doesn’t mean that the ice cream is any less tasty. The “special” factor is taken away.

One of the fun parts of being at a Disney theme park is all the Mickey or Disney themed items. Sure, people can recreate their own version of Mickey-inspired recipes at home, but it different.

Maybe next time you are at a Disney theme park, you will indulge on a special cupcake instead of that iconic ice cream. Why splurge at the theme park when you can get the same (almost same) item at your local grocery store?

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What do you think of this Mickey Mouse ice cream offering? Would you buy a box?